I know Alabama is once again No. 1 in the country. I know Mac Jones, Najee Harris and Devonta Smith are all possible award winners at their respective positions. I know there are many reasons to be thrilled college football has navigated the 2020 hellscape about as well as it could.

I know the Iron Bowl is Saturday. But, for now, Saturday can wait. I am excited about tonight! 

Tonight Alabama basketball has its opening game and I am really excited.

I know, I know; I have been excited about ’Bama hoops before only to be let down like a lead casket, but this time I believe my excitement has merit.

There is actual experience and talent on this Crimson Tide squad. On top of those plusses, there is a coach who legitimately does what he says he is going to do. A wild and unique concept when it comes to ’Bama basketball coaches of the recent past.

Maybe because I have been burned before I should temper my enthusiasm. Maybe I should be happier that Nov. 25 means we are getting very close to closing out this awful year instead of celebrating the beginning of a basketball season. However, I am choosing happiness and optimism out of blind faith and blind faith alone.

When I look at Alabama’s roster, I see guys I know can shoot the ball well like John Petty and Jaden Shackleford. I see guys who enjoy making hustle plays like Herb Jones. I see highly touted newcomers whose YouTube highlights are fun to watch. I see players that clearly have length and athleticism. I see progress.

I am not saying this team will make the Final Four. Heck, who even knows if there will even be a Final Four. All I am saying is I see a future led by a coach in Nate Oats that has the potential to reignite a dormant program.

And, hey, even if ’Bama loses to Jacksonville State tonight I am blaming it on the pandemic so I am covered either way!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network broadcaster and Sportz Blitz team member.

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network Broadcaster and Sportzblitz Team Member.