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It’s quite easy for humans to take care of themselves in summer.

Drink plenty of water and stay cool, but can the same be said of our pets?

Animals give us love and attention and they deserve some much-needed care as temperatures soar.

Just like children, animals should not be left in cars during the summer heat. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise quickly to more than 120 degrees. Our furry friends don’t deserve to bake.

With a leash law in Alexander City pets need our help with food and water. Our pets need to be on a leash or in a fenced area to protect all of us. However, that law doesn’t allow our lap buddies the freedom to find their own water and food. Our pets are solely dependent on us to make sure they have access to fresh water and adequate food.

There is not a human around who would serve themselves water with algae growing in it or mold-covered food so pets shouldn’t consume those either.

And don’t forget shade. Just like us, animals need a way to protect themselves from the heat. In fenced-in yards, a tarp strung up in the corner of a fence can provide protection from the sun and summer thunderstorms.

With just a little thought we can provide much needed care for our loyal, furry friends who keep cheer in our hearts and minds all the time.

A lot of people adopted pets during the coronavirus pandemic to help with isolation and loneliness, and while that’s a great solution, make sure those pets aren’t forgotten now as more and more places open up. Although pets can’t be taken most places, they still need your affection and care when you return home.