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Don’t let a return to a somewhat normal life be the reason for new cases of COVID-19.

After more than two months, we are slowly returning to a normal life as we still battle the coronavirus pandemic. 

But a perfect storm is brewing.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has been keeping a 14-day rolling average of new COVID-19 cases and since April 29, it has been slowly climbing after falling for two weeks. The climb started just two weeks after Easter. Maybe the new cases are related to Easter gatherings. Let’s hope it is not an indicator of things to come.

The weather is nice. We can return to our favorite restaurants. We can get our hair cut.

Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief but it is no reason to let our guards down. Yes we can now do many things, but we need to do them safely and while practicing social distancing.

We still need to take precautions. We still need to practice social distancing. We still need to evaluate if the risk of doing something fun might lead to us contracting COVID-19 and become another stat ADPH will report.

The Outlook knows everyone’s frustrations from being cooped up and wanting to visit friends and our favorite hangouts. 

We also know the need for small businesses to return to offering their services to keep people employed and paying bills.

At the same time, everyone must be cautious and still practice social distancing, proper handwashing techniques and mindfulness of others to stop the spread of the coronavirus while still supporting the needs of the business community and everyone’s desire to return to normal.