Our View

The coronavirus pandemic has given many some free time.

Travel has been limited. Many are still working from home.

Some are trying to make use of the free time but might not have an idea what to do. For those in this category, take a look at past goals that might have been forgotten. It might be the never opened book on the shelf that was purchased with the intention of reading. It might be organizing personal records.

As the world becomes increasingly smaller, learning a new language is another admirable goal. Imagine being able to communicate with someone in Japanese or German. There are plenty of online tools available for those who want to learn.

Another popular goal is weight loss, but it doesn’t mean we have to agonize alone. We can go outside, hike or swim. COVID-19 hasn’t taken these activities from us and they can be enjoyed with our close family.

Why not work on handwriting and helping the postal service at the same time?

Who remembers receiving handwritten letters and cards? Those cards we received from our grandparents were so much better than those Facebook posts and emails wishing a happy birthday.

While some goals seem small, they can mean a lot. More importantly setting goals and consistently trying for them will improve us all.