There are so many issues are coming to light — COVID-19, mail-in ballots, gutting the Affordable Care Act, cutting Social Security and removing children to the dangerous country they came from and all in the middle of the night. What next? 

There have been more than 115,000 deaths in the United States due to the coronavirus, and these people who are dying are alone and afraid. Thank goodness we have caring health professionals who don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. The dying person is human. Period.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we should be wearing masks to protect friends, neighbors, strangers and family. The mask doesn’t protect you as much as other people from your droplets.

It has been said this virus isn’t as bad as the flu. But this contagious virus has fooled many scientists and healthcare workers because it spreads so easily. Many healthcare and first responders have lost their lives trying to help these sick folks. Why did they catch it? They didn’t have enough of the correct personal protective equipment in their hands. 

This virus is not a hoax like Russia President Vladimir Putin, U.S. President Donald Trump and Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro have said in the past. It is virulent.

Because of these serious issues, I hope you will all write and ask for mail-in ballots this year. Do you want to stand in line like the Michigan voters and contract the virus as much as they did?

Trump mentioned injecting disinfectants in one of his many speeches to stop or prevent this virus; now disinfectant poisonings were up as much as 121% in April, according to TIME. 

Trump took those comments back saying they were a “jest” but it killed people. Who jokes about that, knowing his constituents are going to listen? Doesn’t he care about them? 

Then he told people to take hydroxychloroquine which has reports of killing people not approved to take it. Why don’t Republicans speak up?

Now, after thinking this virus was hitting only the elderly and those with underlying health issues, we know it can affect anyone.

In the meantime, over six million people with employer-sponsored health insurance out of 27 million are not eligible for Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act subsidies, according to TIME.

While all this is happening, the administration is still trying to gut the Affordable Care Act, cut funding to Social Security and Medicare. 

While we are paying attention (or not) to COVID-19, immigrant children without adults are being sent back to the dangerous environment they came from and all in the middle of the night. Is this morally or ethically right? What has happened to Americans?

A handful of inspector generals have been fired on Friday nights when very few people were paying attention. Why? Because this administration doesn’t want us — the people — to know what he is doing. Why?

My husband and I wear our masks religiously because I am a biologist and took enough science to believe them and not Trump. 

While at Walmart one day buying groceries, I noticed most — not all — employees were wearing their masks, however, only about a quarter of customers were wearing them. Walmart employees were being exposed if any of the customers were asymptomatic and carrying this virus. Everyone coming in should have to wear one.

Afterward, we went to a local restaurant that had just opened to dining in. We ordered takeout and while sitting there in our car, we noticed very few folks had masks on and there was no social distancing. It was packed! There was no way was the 50%-capacity rule was being followed.

If that isn’t bad enough, Trump wants the churches open. Gosh, I do hope preachers are smart and keep social distancing and requiring masks especially during singing when droplets are in the air. 

As a biologist who took classes in virology, I am very concerned and, to be truthful, scared. Alabama is on the increase and Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed recently said the hospitals didn’t have enough ICU beds. 

An increase of daily cases has also occurred in the two weeks since the Memorial Day holiday. 

Please keep social distancing and wear a mask for someone else if not for you. Don’t worry about it “looking” bad. It looks like you care about others.

Stay safe and use common sense. 

Judy Palfrey is a Dadeville resident and guest columnist for The Outlook.