Rosie Morgan

Rosie Morgan


ere we are, already in the middle of Christmas week.  This is the week that I truly enjoy shopping for the small things and the last-minute grocery needs; especially in Alexander City where I may just run into someone I know.  This year I will stay home due to the COVID pandemic.  People are usually so happy, friendly, and all seem to let you go first and wish you a Merry Christmas; it is so heart-warming.  

I really miss my mother, I would be sure to call her on two special days, and others every year: on her Birthday in July when I would sing that birthday song; and on Christmas Eve or Day – whichever was better for her and I could also speak to some others in my family – when I sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”  After I finished, she would say in a soft voice, “Hello my darling. Thank-you, that was lovely.” My Mum often told me that she would prefer a phone call from me than a gift that she may not need and would cost as much to buy as it would to send to England, anytime. I send very little these days; I always tried to find light-weight things, but sometimes that is difficult to match with a person that you have not seen in years. This was prior to computers, so my Mum and two of her sisters were the only ones that wrote regularly, and Mum was the only one that took the time to write about every 10 days; and for the first ten years, my Nanny was a regular writer as well. Notes and letters were important for communication back in those days; and we didn’t have a tele until I was about 7; or a phone until I was 14, after my Dad’s first coronary thrombosis. Things have changed so much, I often think of how it must have been for my grandparents being born at the turn of the 20th century.

Some of the usual local Equality gatherings for Christmas and for New Year’s Eve have now been cancelled; it seems that so many have been ill, or could possibly have the COVID-19 virus/symptoms. I love the local meetings and catching up with folks’ lives that I care about, but not at the risk of getting COVID. Ron and I have fared very well so far by being careful, wearing a mask in public, and just not going out if we don’t really need to do so. Let’s hope the care-givers, doctors, hospital workers, home-health and caregivers, and teachers will get the first COVID vaccinations. Then grocery store and department store workers, fast foods, restaurants etc. get the next round; then the susceptible folks like the seniors and those with compromising conditions already affecting their immune systems.

If you are home-bound and you are cleaning out closets (as I need to myself); please think of giving your donations, anything at all, even furniture, to the ‘Tails End Thrift Store’ which is right next door on the same property as the Elmore County Humane Shelter at the end of State Highway 9, in Wetumpka. Oh, and if you would like to give yourself (while donating) or a good friend a kitten/cat or puppy/dog; you can buy a gift certificate, if you don’t want to choose now from the shelter in Wetumpka from the Director Rea Cord. The $100 fee covers the mandatory spay/neuter’ as well as microchip, rabies if old enough, basic vaccinations, heartworm testing, and they will already be on one of the flea medications. Plus it covers a first check-up by your veterinarian, a very good deal.

Whether getting a new pet for yourself or for a good friend, there are some things to think seriously about. Cats/kittens, need a place to hide. If you plan to make them an inside cat, that could be cardboard boxes or a twin sheet draped over the side of a chair like a fort for a child. Also make sure the cat knows where the litter box is and can safely get to it. Cats love to climb, kittens as well, so just be aware. Puppies love to chew, so you may want to put the cell phone up high, gathering and tying up electrical cords. One would be amazed where a dog or cat can get to get to your things, and anything that has your smell on it, that they seem to just love.  Recently, I have found one of the smallest of our dogs Gus, in a laundry basket on the dirty clothes in our bathroom sleeping during the night. Guess that is part of his being a small lap dog. 

I was sad to learn that we were losing the editor from The Outlook, Santana Wood, to Texas; she was wonderful to work with and a kind sweet person, but I look forward to the replacement.

We still have no central heat in the old part of our farmhouse. The exhaust blower fan was ordered December 11; I wonder if it got delayed due to all the Christmas parcels through different mail systems and the COVID Vaccine being shipped at the same time. We hope that we shall have a working heating system by Christmas Eve; when it’s cold or windy/rainy weather-wise, it gets icy inside with these 12-foot ceilings. Space heaters help, but we are like “Green Acres” with electrical connections; and everything for three rooms are on the very same breaker. The funny thing is that there are many empty breakers that could have been used —maybe that is part of what happens when you use someone with less experience. I think since then, he got out of electrical work; maybe he had no license; got into alarm systems, and then had honey bees; a city councilman, and also a realtor;  and now, who knows what he does for a living.

I am going to cook something completely different for Christmas Day. I have always done a roast turkey and usually Kentucky ham as well; then some kind of a roast for ‘Boxing Day’ December 26. I expect because my Mum did that same thing — oh, and also a table gift (something small) for Christmas Eve — and the only time in the whole year that Mum cooked a fillet mignon steak.  Of course, being very British with her plain home-cooking, she over-cooked the meat, but did it with sliced onions and roast potatoes in the oven, plus a vegetable; it was all very tender and quite delicious. We will have a steak, maybe a rib-eye on Christmas Eve. Ron will grill it out on the porch and I am making lasagna for our meal on Christmas Day; I have never served that dish on such a special day before, but I did make sure Ron was okay with the idea.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed Christmas week with those they love, sharing peace and kindness; then when we can get out and congregate, I wish you joy and happiness, with lots of shared hugs. Roll Tide. they have earned a shout out after winning all their games, and on Saturday that CBS blocked from fans.

Until next week, keep smiling; they are for sharing.