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Another legislation session has passed, and Alabama still has no lottery. Actually, the legislature does not in itself have the authority to pass a state lottery; it can authorize only a ballot initiative to let you vote on a lottery. It takes a constitutional amendment.

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President Donald Trump is raising a completely legitimate concern an unprecedented expansion in the use of mail-in ballots in the 2020 election could lead to voter fraud. But that has not stopped his critics from declaring his statements to be false.

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Most historical events don’t touch the sports world. In fact, sports seems to be what brings everyone back together after heartbreaking events.

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The Outlook asked readers on its Facebook page what they think about George Floyd’s death. Is looting and rioting OK? Is peaceful protest needed or is that not enough? What would it take for justice to be served for his death?

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Although Lindsey Smith, Jake Adams and I have remained close in the three-plus years since I left Pennsylvania, it’s still hard to get a sense of what’s going on for them on a day-to-day basis.

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In March, states took dramatic and unprecedented measures to stem the spread of the SARS2-COV virus. And yet COVID-19 has claimed 100,000 lives in the U.S. Was the lockdown effective? Economists frequently address such questions in our research.

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Memorial Day hearkens to the Civil War era. A Union soldier headed an organization that established Decoration Day; flowers now mark and hallow the graves of the war dead. May 30 was selected as Memorial Day. In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Act. Memorial Day is now celebrated on…

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With Memorial Day behind us, summer has unofficially begun. And it went from 0 to 100 in .02 seconds on Lake Martin.

I was sitting on the bench in front of the barn when one of the younger chickens went running by with a lizard in its mouth. Right behind it was the other young chicken. And, just a feather or two behind it were the two ducks. We got these four at the same time, and they don’t know if they a…

If you have already listened to last week’s episode of Inside the Lines Podcast, you already know my thoughts on high school athletes returning to practice June 1. I am craving the return of sports as much as everyone else but I have to admit I’m a little worried an early return during the t…

Over the past four years during my travels and speaking events throughout the state, the most asked question has been, “Why in the world is Mike Hubbard not in jail?”

So in the past few weeks I think I’ve offended the religious community, particularly the Baptists, Republicans, those who automatically want to speak to the manager and folks with thin skin. If you’re not on that list, give it time. I’m sure I’ll get to you shortly.

In a lot of ways, the coronavirus has brought out the best in people. There have been endless stories about people donating their time and services to others.

My wife texted our four sons and asked how they were adjusting to COVID-19 — their eerie new reality. Our son who works from home bemoaned his cabin fever, his boredomand his imposed home confinement. Mike Oliver, an al.com columnist wrote, “I feel a loneliness down to my bones.” 

As the return of sports inches closer to reality, there are hurdles to be cleared outside of the coronavirus before we see the professionals back on the field. Major League Baseball was in headlines for the wrong reasons again last week for a disagreement about money between the owners and players.

When it was announced state superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey was going to be addressing all of the state’s music educators, many of us braced for potentially bad news.

I remember the lake before it was the popular tourist attraction it has become today. We did not own a lakehouse but my grandfather signed a 100-year lease on a lot that sat way back in Adams slough. There were only a few cabins in the slough. 

The legendary speaker of the U.S. House Sam Rayburn coined a famous phrase he used often and imparted to young congressmen when they would arrive on Capitol Hill full of vim and vigor. 

Recently, I wrote an article about the things I was here before and remember when we first used them such as polio vaccine that literally abolished polio. TV dinners, microwave ovens and color TV ... someone brought to my attention there are a lot of things that have come and gone during my …

On Jan. 29, 1959, the Green Bay Packers tabbed Vincent T. Lombardi — a bespectacled, gap-toothed, bratwurst-fingered, obscure assistant coach as their new head coach and general manager. In 1959 Lombardi’s Packers went 7-5, snapping an 11-year futility run in which the Packers never won more…

I always see social media posts when people want to single out a family member or friend to celebrate birthdays or holidays but I never participated in those myself. I never have a problem with those posts and it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t care when it’s my friends’ birthdays or anything…

Do you think retail stores and other businesses should require patrons to wear masks if they are reopening? The Outlook asked readers on our Facebook page. Here are some of their responses:

I don’t envy the position Gov. Kay Ivey is in. Deciding to close the state to avoid overwhelming our hospitals and healthcare system was a tough choice but also the right one.

Heading into the 2005 Florida game, I think most ’Bama fans were pretty confident. However, that is nothing new. ’Bama fans always think we should beat anybody and everybody every time no matter unrealistic the circumstances.

The legislature meets in regular session every year for 3 1/2 months. However, an extraordinary special session can be called by the governor if he/she deems there is a dire emergency in the state government that needs addressing. This provision in the Constitution gives the governor inheren…

When I rolled over to check the time on my phone in my Louisville, Kentucky, hotel room last Tuesday night, I already knew it had to be about 1 a.m. Of course, it was that exact time. After all, it’s always about 1 a.m. when I first mildly wake during the night.

I keep referencing this quote from Mark Twain: “Politicians are like diapers and should be changed just as frequently.” And at times I feel like I’m simply using a new stick to beat the same dead horse ad nauseum to no effect. In this case the dead horse is the Alabama Legislature and the st…

Last year, I wrote a Mother’s Day column about my mama and how she always finds a way to make things happen. I also explained some don’t have mothers, others have mothers who have passed away and some just don’t have good relationships with their mothers, but I’d like to think there’s at lea…

I came down to Alexander City to see family at the end of March. My aunt had been sick, so I wanted to see her. It was tough knowing we had to say goodbye. So I spent a few days with family and after a while I wanted to give them time alone. My cousin Dook was right beside his mama all the w…