Can you still remember being a kid growing up in church and having to sit through the preaching service? That had to be one of the longest hours in the creation of time for a restless kid. No matter what you did time just crept along. To make matters worse your mother wanted you to actually sit up straight and behave. Behaving in church was a given that was instilled into me from the cradle roll. After all, to a child church was where God lived.

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It’s hard to imagine a graduation without a valedictorian or salutatorian or being honored or some award to recognize a student and even have them speak. But while such traditions and honors are being canceled across the country, it’s nice to see some places buck this fad, keeping the academ…

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The five-day special legislative session that addressed the increase in the gas tax to fund an infrastructure rebuilding program for the state was a remarkable success.

America was founded on the novel idea the people could rule themselves if law were king. Actually, “Lex Rex” (Law is King) dates back at least to Samuel Rutherford’s book by the same name published in 1644.

Today the screen of our smartphones contain clever solutions and shortcuts to nearly every problem but one — life.

Sunday is a day of love, remembrance and sentimentality because it’s Mother’s Day. We have set this day aside to honor those who gave us nativity, nourishment and nurture. All of us can remember something very special about our moms on this important day because they shaped our lives and mad…

When the shooter attacked the Jewish synagogue in a California suburb, he also claimed responsibility for vandalizing a mosque in the same state. Muslim groups were among the first to offer sympathy and condemnation for the attacks on Sri Lankan Christian churches and the synagogue in Poway.…

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Our senior U.S. Senator, Richard Shelby, turns 85 this week. In March, he reached another milestone by surpassing Sen. John Sparkman as the longest-serving U.S. Senator in Alabama history; Shelby has been our senator 32-plus years.  

Summer is approaching and tempers are flaring earlier than usual among Democrats and their cousins in the media. What’s all the rage in Washington? Attorney general Bill Barr has initiated multiple criminal investigations into the origins of former President Barack Obama’s Department of Just…

Chronic illness is similar to mental illness in it isn’t widely advocated for, it’s something many don’t understand or have much knowledge of and it’s hard to talk about.

My sweet wife has decided I need to clean out my basement because to her it is a mess. First of all, how did the rest of the house become her house and now the basement belongs to me? I always thought they were attached, but I’m finding out in female logic when something needs to be worked o…

Crowds have flocked to see Avengers movies “Infinity War” and “Endgame.” It’s also kicked off a debate over the number of humans on Earth, as supervillain Thanos has a scary plan to cure planets of their overpopulation problems. It’s not just mean; it’s also ineffective. But there’s a better…

I was recently complimented on my work ethic and my immediate, candid, almost word-vomit response was, “I was raised that way.”

On Easter Sunday, the country of Sri Lanka was rocked by a series of bomb blasts at Christian churches and tourist hotels. Yet that was only one of the two disasters that day. The other was a demonstration of perhaps the most incompetent regime in history for fighting terrorism. If we want t…

A rash of vehicle break-ins has plagued Alexander City the last two weeks and a lot of it probably could have been avoided.

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Easter is a time of renewal — a reminder of life restored. The natural sense of the coming of spring mingles for the day with the Christian promise of eternal life through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Some residents who might be annexed into New Site are up in arms about the prospect and it seems the town government is wise to table any action until it has had more time to study it.

On Friday, the Tallapoosa County Department of Human Resources and Tri-County Child Advocacy Center co-hosted an annual child abuse awareness program. At the end of the program, those in attendance released 93 balloons representing the children the organizations served in 2018.

The National Weather Service office in Birmingham announced Friday an enhanced risk for tornadoes and winds up to 60 mph Sunday morning through Sunday afternoon.

It takes special people to adopt children and take care of them if they are not biological offspring. Some don’t get to choose whether they become a parent or not. Adoptive and foster parents choose to love a child and give them every benefit a stable home provides.