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For the third time, the State’s Charter School Commission denied the application of the Magic City Acceptance Academy. The denial wasn’t an outright no to the state’s gay community; it was by abstention, as some members of the commission voted yes and some voted no but others chose to not si…

I write and talk about sports for a living. It’s what I do and I enjoy it. So, it might come as a bit of a surprise this is actually my favorite week of the year. It’s when all the talk can actually stop and the action can begin. There comes a point when all the bases are covered and no more…

We were all witnesses 10 years ago when Cam Newton took the sports world by storm. His infectious smile glistened as he torched defenses en route to a 50-touchdown season, eventually winning him the Heisman Memorial trophy. It was one of the most impressive college football seasons in history.

It’s hard enough to predict an entire season of college football with the amount of personnel turnover, unknown development and coaching changes during any given year, but when coronavirus is also thrown in the mix it’s downright impossible. With that being said, these prognostications are r…

Now that the national political party conventions are over and the nominees have been coronated, the battle royale for the White House is in full throttle. 

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In the late 1950s and early 1960s, on Saturday mornings in the summer, my daddy would give my brother Denney and me 25 cents to go to the Strand Theatre. We called it the “Picture Show” or sometimes just “The Show.” The 25 cents were in the form of a case quarter, a 25-cent piece.  

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When the SEC Basketball Tournament was canceled along with the college baseball season in mid-March, it was an incredibly odd and unsettling feeling. To experience the month of March without any Madness in the form of a buzzer beater or Cinderella story was definitely disheartening. 

As the season approaches, it seems like now is as good of a time as ever to reach back into my (imaginary) bag of (nonexistent) fan mail and answer several of the (completely fabricated by me) hard-hitting questions my (grand total of zero) avid readers have:

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What we have now is capitalism out of control. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting larger and larger. Tax cuts for the 1% highest paid so they can make more money is a trickle-down scheme.

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The 1960 presidential race between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy is considered by many political historians to be a landmark presidential contest. This race for the White House, exactly 60 years ago, marked a pivotal change in presidential election politics when the advent of television bec…

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Getting settled in and used to a new job can be a whirlwind of emotions — exciting, intimidating and even a little overwhelming. 

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The Big Ten Conference has now decided to consider reversing course on its decision to cancel fall football. Turns out, their powers ­– that – be have been convinced maybe, just maybe, they acted somewhat hastily.

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The Auburn Tigers had every intention of conducting four practices last week culminating in a scrimmage Saturday. That didn't happen. Instead, they practiced Tuesday then had to cancel the rest of the week due to "COVID-related" issues.

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On the way to a comedy show at a college in Georgia the other night, I stopped for some gas, snacks and drinks. This was only my second gig since March 15. I was really nervous, which is a rarity, and even a bit scared. I texted a dear friend and fellow comic in Los Angeles about my concerns.

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Labor Day is upcoming on Monday. In bygone days it was the benchmark day for campaign season to start. Historically, Labor Day barbeques were events where political campaigns had their roots. Camp stew and barbecued pork were devoured while folks listened to politicians promise how they were…

Fall camp has begun in the loveliest Village on the Plain as it has around the Southeastern Conference and so far, so good. The Tigers practiced four times during the week and ran a 92-play scrimmage Saturday. 

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Last year, we got a big kick out of Dorcas, Lucy’s adopted sister from Ghana, accompanying her friend in taking a chicken to a veterinarian in Auburn. Boy, did we laugh. I mean, who in this finger-lickin’ world takes a chicken to the vet? 

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Some of you may wonder how many past governors we have in Alabama who are still living and how they are doing. We have six living past governors.

Rivalries are the cornerstone of football. It helps bring in money from alumni and fans who want to see their arch enemies fall at the hands of the community they have put so much heart, soul and effort into.

It’s been over three years since the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce launched the Lake Martin Innovation Center, a 17,000-square-foot facility located behind Valley Bank and Pizza Hut on U.S. Highway 280 with high speed fiber internet, office suites for rent, state-of-the-art technology l…

You look for patterns and themes in your daily life, really in the world around you. For as much of a craptastic carnival of that 2020 has become once you parse down through the political rhetoric, the rising coronavirus numbers and deaths, the perpetually offended and the “peaceful protests…

I’ll admit it: 2020 has landed its share of body blows on my poor torso and, quite frankly, done some damage. I’ve been beaten, battered and even staggered a time or two, but I’m still standing — well, proverbially of course. 

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It has been a month since our mid-July GOP runoffs for the U.S. Senate and two open Congressional seats. Since then, numerous publications as well as many of you have asked me to analyze and assess the outcomes.

You know those horror stories about individuals who hit the lottery? The ones where a guy strikes it rich on Mega Millions but ultimately loses it all because of horrible investments, mismanaged savings and greedy, opportunist family members. Well, I am beginning to see a parallel to that sc…

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Years from now when we look back on the year 2020, we’ll undoubtedly remember it with an unprecedented range of emotions. I think it’s safe to say some aspects of our lives will forever be changed. That’s probably a good thing concerning many circumstances and it could very well be a bad thi…

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I’m writing this at the library from the cozy, cool confines of my car. I’d planned on going inside, but a group of kids pulled up with their parents in a very nice SUV as I was walking in, and they were being a little too loud for me. They really weren’t being loud, as in loud and disrespec…

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Everyone wants to talk about “getting back to normal” until it’s time to actually take the steps necessary to get back to normal. 

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It seems like only six months ago I went to Gainesville to watch Bruce Pearl and Auburn take on Florida at the O’Connell Center. The Tigers got blown out by the Gators, but that’s not important right now. I could have sworn I was also starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming Super B…

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I continue down my rabbit hole of rankings various miscellaneous Alabama-themed tidbits or opinions this week with “surprising facts.”

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The presidential race is onward. It will be incumbent Republican Donald Trump vs. former vice president and 36-year veteran Democrat Delaware U.S. Sen. Joe Biden in the Nov. 3 General Election.

Due to the pandemic, every day is Groundhog Day — Groundhog Day with a lot of heat and humidity.