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My TV died. Now that is a sad statement for any man to have to make. There I sat contently watching the news when it made a loud pop and the picture just went off. It was a frightening experience to say the least. I just sat there staring at its large 60-inch blank dead screen and a trickle …

As Thanksgiving approaches I wondered how pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie became holiday staples. Wikipedia reported pumpkin pie recipes first appeared in Canadian and American cookbooks in the early 19th century and serving pumpkin pie became a Thanksgiving Day custom. Lydia Maria Child me…

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The Cleveland Browns’ season has not gone according to plan. The team is a 2-6 disaster and the end doesn’t seem to be in sight. Prior to the 2019 NFL season the Cleveland Browns did a complete 180 as a franchise, trading and signing supreme talent to their roster with names like Odell Beckh…

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I spend most of my life in the sports world whether covering football, playing basketball or watching soccer. And as much as I love sports, there are some instances in all that time that can make me cringe.

As of late I have an unsettling feeling as if an ominous shadow is peering over my shoulder. From the always-listening speaker in the living room to a wrist device recording the hours I slept the night before, I’m finding myself increasingly uneasy.

Many people would agree their years in high school were some of the best years of their lives — particularly those individuals who were members of a sports team or participated in other activities such as the marching band or debate team.

Tuesday has to be the least respected and appreciated day of the week. Mondays signal new beginnings, Wednesdays let you know you are halfway home, Thursdays have the best TV programming, Fridays usher in the weekend, Saturdays are all for football and Sundays are made for chilling.

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Any time a coach leaves after 20 years at the helm, it’s a tough job to be his or her predecessor.

Dr. David Bronner has marked his place in Alabama political and governmental history. He has headed the revered Retirement Systems of Alabama Pension Funds for 45 years. When Bronner took his present job with RSA, the retirement systems had approximately $500 million of funds. Today RSA has …

Heartfelt thanks goes to all who came out in freezing temperatures to help make the 2019 Lake Martin Resource Association Renew our Rivers Lake Martin cleanup held Friday and Saturday a huge success. More than 220 volunteers participated in this annual event and removed more than 650 large b…

Customer service is important. Did you ever stop to realize no matter what your job is in a business, you are that business to the customers you serve? The two best pieces of work advice my father ever gave me were this: First, the business is counting on you to show up consistently, not jus…

It’s Nov. 2 and that means — well, in my world anyway — it’s practically Thanksgiving and Christmas has basically arrived. I’m already ready for my Christmas tree and all the pine-scented candles. Let’s break out the Buffalo plaid and go ahead and stock up on wrapping paper. It’s time for th…

The trade deadline for the NFL has come and gone, leaving most fans like me scratching our heads wondering what just happened. Up until the Tuesday deadline, the NFL offseason and six weeks of the season experienced blockbuster trades the NFL has yet to see up to date. Odell Beckham Jr., Jal…

The past week the city of Opelika lost a giant. To many, he was the proverbial man, myth and legend, but to those of us who really knew him, we’ll just say two out of three ain’t bad. Earl Sumners was no myth, but he was certainly a man — and a legendary one at that. 

Is there anyone else out there who can’t imagine a life without reading? Few things please me more than to happen upon a book I can barely put down. When the words just flow and the story transports you, it’s like magic. 

We are witnessing an injustice on our democracy. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are making an attempt to impeach the president through the press via leaks and conjecture. This appears to be purely political when you offer no due process and zero transparency. When we elected Pres…

Halloween can be tough for children who have special needs. Some love it; others don’t; many love it but encounter issues throughout the holiday.

The disappointment of Auburn losing to LSU for the 10th straight time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was magnified Saturday by the incredible performance of Kevin Steele’s defense.

Auburn versus LSU — there is no match up in college football that produces the drama, craziness and overall tomfoolery as this game. Most years this contest is a barnburner (and in 1996 there was even a literal burning barn backdrop).

The New England Patriots are 7-0 again. Tom Brady has been solid — but not perfect, but he usually never is this early. Brady has somewhat of a pass though. With Rob Gronkowski retiring, Josh Gordon injured and Antonio Brown governing Crazyville, the Patriots have had to rely on their runnin…

Next week we will celebrate Halloween and that means my wife will be ready to decorate for Christmas. We’re one of those families that has Santa holding a jack-o’-lantern while sitting at the Thanksgiving table with pilgrims. Already I’m dreading handling all those boxes of decorations becau…

I praise and thank my wife Deborah, as she watches news broadcasts and reads newspapers with discernment and provides me with nuggets I use to write letters to the editor or opinion columns. 

One of the things my grandparents told me when I was young was when you get older time goes faster and faster. They were right. 

The last two seasons for the Wetumpka football have been two of the most successful seasons in the program’s history. But despite being one of the best teams in Class 6A across the state, there were some clear gaps between Wetumpka and the other top-tier programs.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since people completely lost their minds leading up to the year 2000. All anyone wanted to talk about was Y2K and how everything was going to “shut down” at the stroke of midnight.

The second-quarter play seemed rather innocuous at the time. When Alabama’s Tua Tagvailoa was sacked for a minor loss, there was no writhing in pain from the star quarterback. In fact, he actually took another snap.

“This is a major problem for the NCAA,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom said. “It’s going to initiate other states to introduce similar legislation. And it’s going to change college sports for the better by having now the interests of the athletes on par with the interests of the universities.”

This week I received a letter to the editor from The Stuttering Foundation of America that said, “Stuttering is the only disability people still laugh at but we’re working to change that.” It got me thinking.

Are we seeing the last days of America? According to the media pundits, we are in a “constitutional crisis.” The executive branch and the legislative branch are in an all-out war with each other. No one seems to trust the Supreme Court anymore. I worry daily things are going to come to viole…

Last weekend we held Lake Martin Living’s inaugural Art Walk throughout downtown Alexander City and had a successful turnout and enjoyable event — despite a short rain shower in the middle of the day.

Tuesday evening Sen. Doug Jones went to Auburn University to speak to the student Democratic club and others who knew about the town hall type meeting. About 100 students and adults arrived to hear him speak about kitchen-table issues.

The Carolina Panthers drafted Cam Newton with the first overall pick of the 2011 NFL draft. Newton has been a standout talent since his youth. A three-sport athlete as a youngster, Newton gave up baseball and basketball at 14 to pursue a career in football.

We have a new preacher at Eagle Creek Baptist Church here on the outskirts of Dadeville, but before I get into that I have to just throw it out there: We don’t always go to church, but when we do, we go to Eagle Creek.