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Do you know who your neighbors are?

Over 10 years ago, former First United Methodist Church of Alexander City pastor Dr. Bill Etheridge found it a bit strange on a prayer walk near the church, some residents didn’t know who the pastor was. Instead of just introducing himself, Etheridge did something, he prayed. But it didn’t stop there.

Etheridge shared his idea of building bridges into the community with the rest of the church. In a few months Feast of Sharing was born. In 10 years it has grown thanks to the generosity of volunteers and church members. Just two years ago, St. James Episcopal Church joined the efforts offering another chance at fellowship and meal each week.

Helping neighbors is not just in the churches; it’s here in the streets of Alexander City. 

Take a look at the front page of The Outlook at the story about Andy Gibson and his wife Tomme. They saw a need in the community and filled it. Was it their next door neighbor? No, but they felt the calling to do something for someone in the community. Not only did the project make the Gibsons feel good, but they made new friends in the process.

We don’t have to go to the extent of those at First United Methodist Church or the Gibsons. We could be having lunch at Buck’s or Who’s Diner. Instead of sitting by yourself, The Outlook challenges you to introduce yourself to stranger also sitting by themselves. Sit down and have a conversation over lunch.

In the end, you will likely make a new friend, have a greater understanding of what the issues are in the community and might even come up with the next Feast of Sharing.