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Tallapoosa County residents have experience with severe weather We have seen our fair share of severe thunderstorms, wind events and tornadoes.

Everyone needs a way to get alerts about severe weather. Decades ago Tallapoosa County installed a series of sirens but they are dependent on residents hearing them. New construction and the insulation that goes with new construction greatly dampens the sound. The sirens are subject to lightning strikes and expensive repairs because parts are scarce.

Tallapoosa County Emergency Management Association director Jason Moran has implemented the replacement for the sirens to alert residents with Tallapoosa Alert.

The system delivers alerts via phone calls, text messages and emails automatically as the National Weather Service issues watches and warnings. The system wants the user to respond by answering the call or responding to the text and will continue trying to reach the user.

A user can register for what alerts they want to receive. One can just get tornado warnings or you can get watches and warnings for all weather situations.

Those interested in signing up to receive alerts from Tallapoosa Alert need only go to www.tallco.com and look for the Departments tab on the left then EMA. 

Moran also suggests having a secondary way to receive weather alerts and a weather radio is easily programmed. Moran and The Outlook encourage everyone to have at least two ways to receive weather alerts.