Our View editorials are written by Outlook staff.

“If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

We’re sure everyone’s heard this at least once before, but it rings true now more than ever. In a world of turmoil, political divides and unknown outcomes, we can all choose to be kind to one another.

Showing empathy and compassion is a conscious choice. The same way being rude, disrespectful or argumentative is a choice.

The Outlook encourages you to err on the side of benevolence. We have no idea what another person may be facing in his or her life at any given time. Someone could have had a horrible day and the choice to respond in a negative or kind-hearted manner could make or break that person’s day.

Choose kindness. 

How many times has the slightest compliment from a cashier made you feel like a million bucks? It’s such a small — yet easy to accomplish — task to put a smile on someone’s face. On the flipside, how many times has one person’s seemingly snarky remark also ruined the rest of your good mood for the day? Life is busy; we’re all on edge about a lot of things right now but don’t forget to be considerate.

Oftentimes people make unnecessarily mean remarks or simply spout an offending opinion merely to stir up debate. There is nothing wrong with healthy discussion surrounding controversial topics. Everyone is allowed his or her own opinions. 

But don’t fight dirty. Fight fair. It takes just as much effort to be rude to someone than it does to simply be kind.