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Be responsible with animals.

The Dadeville Police Department seized 30 dogs and cats, a duck and three pigs at a residence on Village Street on Monday. Ferrets and birds had to be left behind at the scene.

Four people were arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

Three pigs were without water while Monday’s heat indices were about 100 degrees and most of the animals were showing signs of lack of food.

When you take on a pet you take on responsibility of feeding it, grooming it and making sure the animal is healthy.

Only take on as much as you can handle. If one cat or dog is all you can take, that’s OK.

While there are plenty of responsible pet owners out there, make sure to do your part. According to Progressive Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) website, there are a few things you can do to look for animal cruelty and report it.

Check if the animal has regular access to food, water and shelter. Check if the animal had open wounds, signs of illnesses, extremely matted hair or severely overgrown nails, according to PAWS.

Make sure to document the incidents with photographs or videotape. Dates, times and circumstances need to be noted and detailed as much as possible.

Even if you’re not sure if animal cruelty or neglect is happening, make sure to report it. An animal control officer can determine if cruelty is happening, according to PAWS.

Taking on pets means taking on caring for them and we should not forget that.