Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I was not surprised that The Outlook endorsed Mayor Tommy Spraggins in the municipal runoff election. He is certainly part of the status quo and strongly tied to Russell interests. 

When I arrived in Alexander City in 1995, Russell manufacturing was everywhere and businesses were booming. When Russell left, Alexander City suffered greatly.

The city is still hurting. The current emphasis is on Lake Martin, but Lake Martin is not the city. Alexander City needs people who will put it in first place for growth and new ideas. I believe mayor-elect Woody Baird will do that. 

The current government has moved to U.S. Highway 280 and left the city behind. Woody may be the one to break the long ties to Russell interests and focus on what the city needs. 

I grant you that Woody is controversial, but the pot does need to be stirred.


David and Diana French

Alexander City