Our View

The Outlook wants to applaud all area teachers and staff for a smooth first day of school. Tallapoosa County Schools started last week and Alexander City Schools started Tuesday. As journalists, we’re always out there on the scene witnessing the action firsthand and we can proudly say our school staff members deserve an A + for their dedication and positive attitudes.

Faculty and staff have worked hard all summer preparing for the unknown and adapting with every new change and guideline thrown their way. They’ve embraced construction crews, mask wearing, lesson plan adaptations, new training and taking on added roles. The most amazing part is they’ve done it all with smile on their faces and spirited energy.

Tuesday, we watched as teachers worked like a well-oiled machine to usher children out of their cars, direct them to the right classrooms and welcome back the many names and faces they love and recognize. Students were too busy being received by these enthusiastic leaders to even recognize the quick goodbye to their parents and the uncomfortableness of wearing a mask.

We just want to say we are so proud of our schools, teachers and administration, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and everyone in between for stepping up during such a tough time. The first day of school was still filled with new outfits, meeting up with old friends and a sense of adventure.

There will likely be confusion and obstacles along the way but we ask the community to show positivity and support along the way. It’s not easy for anyone this year. 

The Outlook wants to send well wishes to everyone involved. Keep up the good work. It might not seem like it but you are making more of a difference than you probably realize.

Here’s to a great new school year.