Gerald Hallmark

One of the most romantic times of the year is about here. Next Friday we’ll all celebrate that event dedicated to love called Valentine’s Day. Cards, flowers, candles, gifts and other expressions of love will be the theme. I’m already gearing up for this special day so I can surprise my Sweetie.

I’ll admit some of the gifts in the past haven’t gone over as well as I had thought they would. I’ve given that precious lady a weedeater, a pancake maker, a very nice soap dispenser for the sink and a garbage disposal unit. Short of giving her a new shotgun, I truly believed these were very nice well thought-out gifts. 

These past few years I’ve tried to give more personal gifts she can treasure as her own. The 2-liter bottle of perfume I ordered off the internet was my first attempt. That thing cost me nearly eight dollars plus shipping and handling. Then there were the bib overalls, the monogrammed fish scaler and the mood ring from the Home Shopping Network. Hey, that mood ring really worked because it stayed black for about a month after I gave it to her.

This year I decided to save myself some grief. I sat my lovely bride down and told her what I had planned for this year’s Valentine treat. I’ve planned an intimate dinner for two from a local Scottish restaurant to be followed by a causal visit through the aisles of dreams where exciting outdoor adventures are born. After this we are going home and sit on the couch and watch a favorite movie I have on DVD. I intend to turn down the lights then fall lovingly asleep in each other’s arms.

Wives have a very practical side to them despite the fact they cry over old black and white romance movies. She stared at me very hard, grabbed me up by the collar and pulled me right up into her face. I can tell you that was not romantic.

She let me know in no uncertain terms going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and eating in the car wasn’t an intimate dinner for two. Also, going through the sporting goods department at Walmart wasn’t exactly a dreamland to her. She really cut me to the quick when she said she was tired of watching my old Clint Eastwood westerns and falling asleep while propped up on her wasn’t a bit romantic.

Valentine’s cards represent love, don’t they? So, let me remind you of the greatest Valentine verse ever written, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” You can’t state love any better than that no matter how hard you try. Give the gift of love this year by giving everyone you meet the opportunity to hear about God’s love for them. Invite them to church, witness to them or pray for them. That is true love any day of the year.

Well, I’m back to square one on these gifts. I think I’ll buy her a big box of chocolates even though she’s diabetic. I could sacrifice myself and eat them for her just to show my love. Man, that’s sound better all the time. I might even drop by the funeral home and see if I can get enough extra flowers for a bouquet. This is shaping up to be a memorial Valentine’s Day next week. I can just see that mood ring now, can’t you?


Dr. Gerald Hallmark is a retired minister living in Alexander City. His column appears here each Friday.