A lot of goes into volunteer fire department

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in regards to our volunteer fire department in the Town of New Site. I was a member of the Town Council and Mayor of New Site for 30-plus years. During this time, I tried to work closely with the fire department and learn about what it takes to […]

Dear Editor, 

As a founding member and visionary of the Lake Martin Area Economic Development Alliance, for the past 20 years, Don McClellan has represented and personified the cooperative economic and industrial replacement efforts of Alexander City, Coosa and Tallapoosa counties.

He was always polite, persuasive and persistent when advancing our industrial, geographic and quality of life advantages to both new and existing companies. His character, cooperative spirit and compelling smile were his “tools of the trade.” Don was honest, forthright and skillful in their use and produced a firm foundation for future industrial and economic growth in our communities.

Don’s love for and loyalty to his extended family everywhere in Alexander City, Coosa and Tallapoosa counties create the background for us to remember him by. We are honored to have known him and will miss his sage advice, guidance and enthusiasm. We are privileged to have called him friend. 

May God welcome Don to his eternal home and shed His grace and blessing on Don’s family here on earth.

With deepest respect,

Blake Beck, Doug Hoytt, Mary Bennett, Al Jones, Vickie Florine, Les Sellers, Denise Walls and Sabrina Wood

Lake Martin Area Industrial Development Authority