nursing home visit

Adonis Prickett, top, visits her husband Alonza Prickett through the window of Chapman’s Healthcare and Assisted Living Center. She visits him every day even during the shutdown. 

Not much can stand in the way of true love.

For Adonis Prickett, she isn’t letting anything — not even a window or a wall — be a barrier from her husband, Alonza Prickett, who is a resident at Chapman Healthcare and Assisted Living Center.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes and assisted living centers are shut down to visitors. But Adonis makes sure to visit her husband of 56 years every single day.

Even though physical contact isn’t possible for the couple during this crisis, Adonis still takes care of her husband.

“(I tell him) try to eat and drink,” Adonis said in an email. “I tell him his children, Tammy and David, and his grandchildren, Evan, Ryleigh and Chloe love him.”

No one is sure of the time this shutdown will last, but Adonis is making sure Alonza knows this won’t last forever.

“I tell him that I love him and I’ll get to come in soon,” Adonis said. 

The recipe to the Pricketts’ successful marriage isn’t complicated.

“We have loved each other and have trusted God,” Adonis said.

Special memories with her husband are part of what gets Adonis through this emotional, difficult time.

“The best (memory I have) was when our children were born,” Adonis said. “Then there was one time on Valentine’s Day that he gave me a red rose in a vase. They were absolutely beautiful. He always did things for me without asking.”

Chapman Healthcare and Nursing Home is making sure other residents are visiting with their loved ones as well, according to admissions and marketing coordinator April Turner.

“We are keeping (our residents’) minds at ease by showing them a little extra love every day,” Turner said. “We are also offering FaceTime and Skype with families as well as scheduling window visits so that they can see their loved ones.”

Turner said activities are still going on in the home as mobile bingo, happy hour, manicures in rooms, music therapy over the intercom and daily exercise are a just few the residents are enjoying while practicing social distancing.

Santana Wood is the managing editor of The Outlook.