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Tallapoosa County needs everyone’s help to move it into the final round of the Alabama Census Bowl.

This week’s competition ended in a tie with Randolph County and the tiebreaker is determined by popular vote. In order to move on, Tallapoosa County must earn the most overall votes on its three social media pages’ polls. Voting is open for only 24 hours and will end 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Click the following to vote on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Everyone can vote one time on each of the three polls. Be sure to share the links with others to increase Tallapoosa County’s chance of moving forward in the Census Bowl.

If Tallapoosa County moves on to Round 4, it will guarantee a spot among the final four runners-up and earn $30,000 for its public schools. Second place is awarded $45,000 total and the champion wins $65,000 toward its public schools.

To keep Tallapoosa County in the competition, residents who have not already filled out the U.S. Census must do so before Friday to be counted toward the Census Bowl.

Also, individuals who complete the census during this time can be entered to win $1,000. After completing the census online, participants can turn in their confirmation numbers to the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce, Lake Martin Dadeville Area Chamber or Lake Martin Area United Way to enter the drawing. A winner will be chosen at the end of the month.