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The Outlook will publish 'Updates' once a week as a way to update readers on the status of stories we’ve done in the past.

Indictment issued in Coosa County hit-and-run accident

Timothy Caldwell, 19, of Jacksons Gap has been indicted by a Coosa County Grand Jury on two counts of reckless manslaughter. 

Caldwell is accused of striking a motorcycle killing two people on Highway 280 in Coosa County near the boundary with Tallapoosa County.

Court documents state Caldwell admitted to drinking three to four beers earlier in the night before the collision. Documents also state Caldwell was distracted just before the incident when he looked down to pick up a JUUL vaping cigarette he dropped between his legs.

Caldwell has filed an application for youthful offender status and the matter will be taken up in court next month.

Salvation Army near 30 bell-ringing volunteers but needs more

Alexander City’s Salvation Army has about 30 volunteers for bell ringing and needs “a handful” more to take up two-hour slots, according to director Grace Gokey. There are still a lot of times that need to be filled and volunteers can choose what location and when to sign up. To volunteer, call 256-307-9919 or stop by the store at 1725 AL-Hwy 22 West.  

Dadeville City Council to finish police investigation

The Dadeville City Council will finish its investigation Tuesday of the Dadeville Police Department after citizens complained at the last meeting how the police department and mayor handled an officer approaching a car on a traffic stop with a gun drawn then left without giving an explanation. The council will also discuss Christmas scheduling.

ACFD has signs and smoke detectors available

The Alexander City Fire Department has more address signs and smoke detectors for those who do not have them. The department uses the signs to help find street addresses when responding to a call. The reflective signs speed up response times because first responders don’t have to search for a street number.

Both the signs and smoke detectors have been given away by the department in the past. ACFD fire chief Reese McAlister hopes citizens will take advantage of the programs and will have firefighters help install them if needed.

“If you don’t have a working smoke detector, call us,” McAlister said. “We will come out and install it where it is supposed to be.”

McAlister said those in need of signs and smoke detectors should call the fire department at 256-329-6781.