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Dadeville mayoral candidates Frank Goodman, left, and Wayne Smith, right, will participate in a debate Monday.

Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. is hosting a debate for Dadeville’s mayoral candidates.

Incumbent Mayor Wayne Smith will face off against Frank Goodman in the Oct. 6 runoff, and both candidates are eager to participate in TPI’s mayoral debate as another way to share each of their messages and platforms.

The debate will be at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21 at the Dadeville High School auditorium. Guests are invited to attend the in-person event, but the debate will also be livestreamed to The Dadeville Record and The Alexander City Outlook Facebook pages.

A professional moderator will help lead and moderate the debate. Auburn University political science department assistant professor Dr. Ryan Williamson will pose the questions to the two candidates and also be diligent of time.

Smith and Goodman will be asked the same questions, with two minutes to respond to each. Whichever candidate was asked the question first, will also get 30 seconds to rebut his opponent’s response. To keep things fair, which candidate gets to answer first will switch between each question.

Time permitting, audience members will be allowed to ask the candidates questions, as long as they are appropriate, not offensive or derogatory in nature and be suitable for both candidates to respond.

Smith wants to continue the progress he has made as mayor over the last four years and also implement new job opportunities, expand youth programs and recruit additional grocery store and retail options.

Goodman’s main platform is based around bringing jobs locally that support fair wages and keep residents in town for work. He has also heard a lot of feedback about more choices for grocery and retail stores, also so people can stay local for all their needs.

Both candidates will receive the opportunity for opening and closing remarks, with an equally allotted amount of time. Both men believe the opportunity for a debate is beneficial for the voters.

“It’s an excellent thing to be able to focus on the issues and needs of the community and I look forward to it,” Smith said.

Goodman feels it’s a significant opportunity to get to know the candidates and compare their platforms.

“One way it’s good to have a debate is you can sort of figure the candidates out,” Goodman said. “What do they stand for? What is their vision for Dadeville for the next two or three years from now? What would they do to try to make it better? Unless you asked them, you’re not going to find out.”

Guests’ temperatures will be taken at the door prior to entry to abide by COVID-19 regulations, and hand sanitizer and masks will be provided. 

For more information, email managing editor Santana Wood at Sponsorships are also available. Call 256-234-4281 or email for more information.