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New Style Church fed the nursing staff at Russell Medical just a few weeks ago to honor National Nurses Week and now the church is helping out the community again.

National Nurses Week was more than a month ago but nurses at Russell Medical were in the midst of a battle with COVID-19 and restrictions wouldn’t allow a celebration.

Now, members of New Style Church in Equality wanted to make sure the nurses were still appreciated with a slightly late celebration.

“We are a community-driven church,” pastor Ivan Harris said. “We wanted to let the nurses know we appreciated them, especially with their battle with COVID-19.”

Volunteers from the church and the Alexander City Housing Authority joined Harris to put the meal of Jim Bob’s chicken fingers and pork together in the basement of Russell Medical minutes before the nurses arrival. Russell Medical nursing manager Nancy Ammons is the nursing manager said New Style Church and Harris are always supportive of the hospital’s staff.

“Rev. Ivan has been by our side the whole time,” Ammons said. “He reached out wanting to do something for nursing week. We couldn’t do it last month but made it work this time.”

Ammons said the gesture from New Style Church was very much appreciated.

“It is just so nice and humbling being honored by the public,” Ammons said.

As a pastor, Harris couldn’t just hand meals out without praying for the staff at Russell Medical as well.

“We pray for you God to protect everyone here,” Harris prayed. “Every nurse, administrator and doctor here needs your protection especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

Harris said his church tries to help out in the community as much as it can. At the start of each school year the church partners with the housing authority to provide school supplies for children. There have even been surprises.

“We try to reach out as much as we can,” Harris said. “Last year we fed the employees at Hampton Inn. We just popped in and surprised them.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.