Tallapoosa County Schools website

Submitted / The Outlook

The Tallapoosa County Board of Education's 12-year-old website has a few quirks, including a photo gallery that's been stretched out of proportion.

The Tallapoosa County Board of Education is working on its internet presence.

"For us to get a little more high-profile we're going to go ahead and contract having our web page updated," Superintendent Ray Porter told school board members at a work session Thursday.

Tallapoosa County students and parents are likely familiar with tallapoosak12.org and its quirks, including a photo slideshow horizontally stretched out of proportion and a 2019 PSA to "stop Zika virus."

"What we have now has worked for 12 years but if you have something in technology that's 12 years old, it's old," Porter said. "So we're going to dress that up."

Tallapoosa County Schools will contract Blackboard to build its website, which runs over half of Alabama's school system websites including Pike Road's. By integrating the school system's media platforms, the upgrade won't cost Tallapoosa County Schools any more than what it's currently paying, Porter said.

"And we didn't look at just one," Porter said. "We looked at several and they offered the better price for us."

The upgrade will help deputy superintendent Casey Davis who manages the school system's communications, including its social media pages.

"He does a good job with it," board member Michael Carter said.