school board

Parent Jamie Evans requested her child change school districts at the school board meeting Monday.

The Tallapoosa County school board denied out-of-district placement for three families Monday night during its meeting.

Parents were given the chance to meet the board after previously sending letters requesting a change in their children’s schools.

Trent McKinley and Sarena McKinley requested their children get redistricted from Dadeville to Horseshoe Bend because they have their house listed and bought land in the HBS district.

Parent Jamie Evans requested her son be moved from the Dadeville district to Reeltown’s to improve his education.

“I’ve talked to many people involved, not just at Dadeville but also at Reeltown and feel like it would be the best choice,” Evans said. “This is not about Dadeville at all.”

Parents Zach Smith and Brooke Smith requested their children be placed from Dadeville to Reeltown since they are selling property and planning to move there.

“Our goal here is to actually build a new home in the Reeltown district,” Zach Smith said. “The reason we’re asking for our children to move now is because that process could take a while … My oldest son will be going into high school next year and my youngest into middle school. Those two grades are difficult as they adjust to change from elementary to high school itself. Putting a move into a different school on top of that would be a hardship for the two of them that I’m trying to avoid now.”

Superintendent Joe Windle told the parents they did not receive many questions from the board since board members had time to read their requests,

“I think that’s the reason you’re not getting a lot of questions,” Windle said. “All of them have been in the packets and they’ve had the opportunity to study them over the weekend.”

The school board went into executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss the out-of-district placements and a pending litigation. The executive session lasted 52 minutes.

The board unanimously voted to not move any of the students out of their districts. Windle said none of the requests fit the board policy for out-of-district placements.

Windle would not give details about the pending litigation.

In other action, the school board:

• Recognized Horseshoe Bend School FCCLA students Brittany East, Sydney Kelly and Mikaila Sims, who participated in a national conference in Anaheim, California.

• Heard from Greg Shelton, of Valuteachers Insurance, about the program.

• Unanimously approved signing the guidance line of credit.

• Unanimously approved extending CSFO Tommy Thweatt’s contract for two years.

• Unanimously approved out-of-state and overnight trips for Horseshoe Bend Future Farmers of America.

• Heard Windle praise the county commission for renewing the 1-cent sales tax to benefit county school projects. Windle thanked Tallapoosa County Commission chairman T.C. Coley and the commissioners. School board member Martin Johnson thanked Windle at the beginning of the meeting for his efforts with the tax.

The board also approved the follow personnel moves:


• Misty Trussell, DES teacher

• Lisa Langford, bus driver

• Todd Griffith, Edward Bell Career Tech Center teacher

• Phillip Strickland, bus driver

• Brittany Collum, DES lunchroom worker

• Ginger Jones, Dadeville English language art teacher


• Traci Hamby, DES counselor

• Shafonda Smith, HBS paraprofessional

• Marvin Kelley, DES child nutrition program position

• Kimberly Grice, Reeltown child nutrition program position

• Lenny Arnold, bus driver

• Matthew Powell, bus driver

• Jane Boston, bus driver

• Ashley White, DHS English teacher

• Regina Freeman, DHS secretary


• Irvin Cox, DES office aide to DES PE aide

• Nancy Morgan, DES in-school suspension aide to DES special education aide

• Lisa Moran, DES special education self-contained classroom aide to DES special education resource aide

• Stephanie Tekavec, DES special education resource aide to DES in-school suspension aide


• Brucille Peoples

• LaDonna Powell

• Debra Lynn

• Cecila Blue

• Hoyt Sanders

• Megan Kirkpatrick

• Michelle Baynes

• Torran Smith

• Angela Keating

• Clarice Davis

• Debbie Brewer

• Cameron Elliot

• Barbara Yelder

• Jeanne Riddle

• Rebecca Taunton

• Rita Davidson

• Connie Pridgen

• Jan Ledbetter

• Virginia Fallin

• Sandra Spratling