0912 Round2 Census Bowl.jpg

Tallapoosa County moves into Round 2 of the Census Bowl and will face off with Russell County to increase census participation.

Tallapoosa County beat out Crenshaw County in the 2020 Census Bowl competition and is moving on to Round 2.

Next week, Tallapoosa County will face off against Russell County in an attempt to increase the number of its population to fill out the census. If Tallapoosa County moves onto Round 3, it is guaranteed at least $20,000 for being part of the elite eight runners-up.

Tallapoosa County increased its participation by only .4%, so the Tallapoosa County census committee encourages anyone who has not already filled the 2020 Census to do so in the next week.

The Alabama Census Bowl was created to encourage the 32 counties with lowest self-response rates to increase participation. The competition is four weeks long with results at the end of each and it ends Sept. 30.

The winning county will receive $65,000 to benefit its public school systems. There are opportunities to win money in the elite eight, final four and second place positions of the March Madness style contest.

To fill out the census, visit 2020census.gov.

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.