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The state saw more than 300 positive COVID-19 cases added to its count in the last 24 hours.

As of noon Sunday, there have been 7,695 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus across the state, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health. This is an increase of 313 cases across the state which is one of the highest one-day increases the state has seen since mid-April. 

Tallapoosa County remains one of the top counties in the state for positive COVID-19 cases. Mobile County leads the state with 1,192 cases. As of today, Tallapoosa County remains eighth in the state with 291 confirmed cases. It is second in the state per capita.

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Tallapoosa County added four cases in the last 24 hours to be at 291 cases. Coosa County added one, now at 30 confirmed cases. Elmore County saw the highest increase locally with an increase of six, now at 94 confirmed cases.

Statewide, the ADPH is reporting 91,933 total tested. ADPH's website states the total tested number for the state also includes test results from persons who were tested in Alabama but do not reside in Alabama. This is the only data provided on the dashboard that includes persons from other states. There are zero confirmed cases or deaths that are out of state.

In Tallapoosa County, there have been 1,470 tests counted by ADPH, 150 in Coosa County and 1,354 in Elmore County.

There are still 18 coronavirus deaths in Tallapoosa County, two deaths in Elmore County and one death in Coosa County. Statewide, there have been 289 COVID-19 deaths.

ADPH reports only confirmed COVID-19 deaths. The criteria for death counts now include people who died with a positive COVID-19 laboratory test as well as individuals whose death certificates list, as the cause of death, COVID-19 or an equivalent.

ADPH said as of Friday morning more than 2,300 confirmed cases across the state have recovered or are no longer ill, according to spokesperson Dr. Karen Landers. Read the full story here. ADPH is hoping to have a recoveries category added to its dashboard at some point in the future.

ADPH still shows Tallapoosa County as the second highest confirmed case rate per capita of all 67 counties with a rate of 720.9 per 100,000 persons, following behind only Chambers County, which has 295 confirmed cases, at 887.1. Lowndes County, which has a population 9,726 and 70 confirmed cases, has nearly caught up to Tallapoosa County with a rate of 719.7 per 100,000 persons. This per capita rate allows a county-by-county comparison as if each population was the same.

Coosa County's confirmed case rate per 100,000 is 281.3 while Elmore County's is 115.8 per 100,000 persons.

There have been 1,033 hospitalizations across the state since March 13, according to ADPH.

Since March 13, there have been 403 patients in intensive care units and 242 on a ventilator. In the medical field, 1,103 healthcare workers in hospitals and doctor's offices have tested positive. When it comes to long-term care facilities, 492 employees and 764 residents have tested positive for COVID-19. A total of 2,359 of the state's 7,695 confirmed cases have been healthcare workers or long-term care employees or residents.

As of Friday, 18 veterans at Bill Nichols State Veterans Home in Alexander City have died due to COVID-19. A total of 85 veterans have been diagnosed with the illness since April 8 — many asymptomatic and this does not include staff. An investigation into the outbreak has been completed. Read the full story here.

See the latest case and death demographics below:

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See all counties and their in-depth information according to ADPH as of noon Sunday below:

Autauga County: 
45 confirmed cases

871 total tests
3 deaths

Baldwin County: 
182 confirmed cases

3,300 total tests
4 deaths

Barbour County: 
43 confirmed cases

363 total tests
1 deaths

Bibb County: 
42 confirmed cases

803 total tests
0 deaths

Blount County: 
40 confirmed cases

712 total tests
0 deaths

Bullock County: 
14 confirmed cases

105 total tests
0 deaths

Butler County: 
97 confirmed cases

429 total tests
1 deaths

Calhoun County: 
100 confirmed cases

1,581 total tests
3 deaths

Chambers County: 
295 confirmed cases

1,070 total tests
21 deaths

Cherokee County: 
15 confirmed cases

290 total tests
0 deaths

Chilton County: 
56 confirmed cases

674 total tests
1 deaths

Choctaw County: 
49 confirmed cases

176 total tests
0 deaths

Clarke County: 
38 confirmed cases

435 total tests
1 deaths

Clay County: 
22 confirmed cases

265 total tests
1 deaths

Cleburne County: 
12 confirmed cases

103 total tests
1 deaths

Coffee County: 
120 confirmed cases

883 total tests
0 deaths

Colbert County: 
37 confirmed cases

988 total tests
2 deaths

Conecuh County: 
9 confirmed cases

132 total tests
0 deaths

Coosa County: 
30 confirmed cases

150 total tests
1 deaths

Covington County: 
43 confirmed cases

485 total tests
1 deaths

Crenshaw County: 
23 confirmed cases

273 total tests
0 deaths

Cullman County: 
58 confirmed cases

1,444 total tests
0 deaths

Dale County: 
29 confirmed cases

507 total tests
0 deaths

Dallas County: 
50 confirmed cases

637 total tests
3 deaths

DeKalb County: 
77 confirmed cases

1,079 total tests
2 deaths

Elmore County: 
94 confirmed cases

1,354 total tests
2 deaths

Escambia County: 
30 confirmed cases

578 total tests
2 deaths

Etowah County: 
142 confirmed cases

1,980 total tests
10 deaths

Fayette County: 
6 confirmed cases

305 total tests
0 deaths

Franklin County: 
110 confirmed cases

712 total tests
0 deaths

Geneva County: 
10 confirmed cases

256 total tests
0 deaths

Greene County: 
55 confirmed cases

218 total tests
1 deaths

Hale County: 
52 confirmed cases

333 total tests
2 deaths

Henry County: 
26 confirmed cases

224 total tests
1 deaths

Houston County: 
94 confirmed cases

1,289 total tests
4 deaths

Jackson County: 
50 confirmed cases

1,238 total tests
2 deaths

Jefferson County: 
958 confirmed cases

16,115 total tests
48 deaths

Lamar County: 
11 confirmed cases

259 total tests
0 deaths

Lauderdale County: 
59 confirmed cases

1,656 total tests
2 deaths

Lawrence County: 
13 confirmed cases

365 total tests
0 deaths

Lee County: 
398 confirmed cases

3,119 total tests
28 deaths

Limestone County: 
45 confirmed cases

1,320 total tests
0 deaths

Lowndes County: 
70 confirmed cases

223 total tests
1 deaths

Macon County: 
38 confirmed cases

316 total tests
2 deaths

Madison County: 
234 confirmed cases

8,321 total tests
4 deaths

Marengo County: 
56 confirmed cases

514 total tests
3 deaths

Marion County: 
82 confirmed cases

842 total tests
6 deaths

Marshall County: 
337 confirmed cases

2,144 total tests
7 deaths

Mobile County: 
1,192 confirmed cases

8,699 total tests
62 deaths

Monroe County: 
13 confirmed cases

232 total tests
1 deaths

Montgomery County: 
383 confirmed cases

3,072 total tests
6 deaths

Morgan County: 
74 confirmed cases

1,866 total tests
0 deaths

Perry County: 
11 confirmed cases

309 total tests
0 deaths

Pickens County: 
54 confirmed cases

486 total tests
2 deaths

Pike County: 
73 confirmed cases

686 total tests
0 deaths

Randolph County: 
74 confirmed cases

443 total tests
4 deaths

Russell County: 
60 confirmed cases

532 total tests
0 deaths

Shelby County: 
325 confirmed cases

4,183 total tests
13 deaths

St. Clair County: 
73 confirmed cases

1,340 total tests
0 deaths

Sumter County: 
72 confirmed cases

321 total tests
3 deaths

Talladega County: 
64 confirmed cases

1,346 total tests
2 deaths

Tallapoosa County: 
291 confirmed cases

1,470 total tests
18 deaths

Tuscaloosa County: 
216 confirmed cases

4,465 total tests
2 deaths

Unknown or Out of State County: 
0 confirmed cases

6,735 total tests
0 deaths

Walker County: 
98 confirmed cases

970 total tests
0 deaths

Washington County: 
38 confirmed cases

213 total tests
2 deaths

Wilcox County: 
72 confirmed cases

241 total tests
3 deaths

Winston County: 
16 confirmed cases

422 total tests
0 deaths