Anthony Davon Parker will get a chance to present a defense today in front of a jury on charges of reckless murder of 18-year-old Quentavious Arrion Reese —  if he chooses to.

The State of Alabama through the Fifth Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s office rested its case Tuesday afternoon but not before presenting six more witnesses. 

The day started with testimony from Sgt. William Grant, an investigator with the Alexander City Police Department. Grant was called into the department with other officers to assist in the murder investigation. Grant said Parker came to the police department on the evening of Reese’s death and led law enforcement to a firearm.

“We were at the office,” Grant said. “I saw Mr. Parker outside with his mother.”

Grant said the pair came into his office.

“(Parker’s) mom was visibly upset,” Grant said. “Saying to him, ‘What were you thinking?’”

Grant said Parker was not in custody of police at the time and Parker told Grant he knew where the gun was.

“It was behind a residence on K Street,” Grant said. “We went behind the house and got the weapon. I took it into custody and placed it out of reach and returned to the police department.”

Grant said the weapon was a .45 caliper pistol.

Under cross examination by Parker’s attorney Emory Anthony, Grant said he didn’t take notes of the encounter and Parker could have come to the police department by himself.

Next on the witness stand was Coosa County Sheriff’s Office chief deputy George Long who was an investigator at the ACPD at the time of the shooting. Long testified he and then ACPD Capt. James Easterwood went to the Robinson Road home where the shooting occurred and recovered eight .45 caliber shell casings and 22 9mm shell casings matching a story told by other witnesses of shooting guns into the woods and across the street into a hill. Long went on to testify about the placement of casings.

“Everything was in the front yard near the road going back to the house,” Long said. “Most were closer to the residence with limited view of the road but some were close to the road.”

Dr. Stephen Boudreau, a medical examiner with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences described the injuries that caused Parker’s death.

“The bullet caused extensive skull fracturing and a pulpification of the brain,” Boudreau said.

Boudreau said the bullet entered Reese’s skull at the left side of his forehead and traveled to the right side of his brain. Boudreau also showed photographs of the skull fractures and X-ray to the jury. Reese’s mother sat wiping tears from her eyes as she heard the description.

Boudreau said the manner of Reese’s death was homicide because a gun was involved and it was not suicide. But he said it could still be an accident. 

He also said the gun was fired from an undetermined range because there was no gun powder or stippling on Reese.

Boudreau said the projectile fired at Reese was recovered from Reese’s brain but no witness testified to its caliber or if it was fired from the gun presented into evidence by the state.

Riley Foshee was the lead investigator for the ACPD on the case. He is now a deputy state fire marshal. Foshee testified he took a statement from Parker the day after the shooting.

“Mr. Parker wrote his own statement,” Foshee said. “It was about one and a half pages.”

Foshee said Parker’s statement set out the day with Parker and friends throwing a football, eating at Zaxby’s and shooting dice. Then the group engaged in another activity.

“We went to shoot at (Robinson Road),” Foshee read from Parker’s statement. “A car passed by and I stopped shooting.”

Parker’s statement said a gun was in the car with Reese when it first stopped by the Robinson Road home.

Foshee said Parker’s statement concluded with Parker saying he and another person hid the guns they were shooting that evening and Parker confessed to it being an accident.

Foshee also responded to Russell Medical’s emergency department where Reese was being treated for his wounds and was about to be airlifted to UAB Hospital. Also at the emergency department was the car Reese was transported in after the shooting, making note the glass had fallen inside the car.

Darkious Young testified he was at the Robinson Road home when two people were firing guns. Young said he was exiting the home when he saw the vehicle Reese was in the street for the second time that evening.

“I was getting off the door steps,” Young said. “I saw Kobe (Graham’s) car coming. I saw Anthony with a gun. I seen him loading a gun. Rodney said shoot at a car when it passes. (Anthony) shot at the car.”

Young described the gun.

“It was a green gun,” he said. “It was a pistol.”

Under cross examination by Anthony, Young said it was a week later before he gave a statement to police and that the statement did not include details about Parker loading a gun or a car traveling down the street.

J’micho Russell was at the Robinson Road home and testified a lot of people had guns as they were shooting at the home but said he did not see who fired the shot at the car carrying Reese.

Russell stepped down from the stand and district attorney Jeremy Duerr rested for the state.

The trial will reconvene at 9 a.m. today in the Alexander City Courthouse Annex in front of Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Steve Perryman.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.