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Gabrielle Jansen / The Outlook Jim Pearson Elementary School held Spooky Story Night on Monday.

A spiderweb maze, science labs containing zombie brains and witches reading aloud were all common sights at Jim Pearson Elementary School’s spooky story night Monday.

The school started the event this year for more parent involvement and adults guided their children from room to room for stories, activities such as drawing, puzzles and crafting skeletons out of Q-tips. 

“Our school likes to promote math and literacy each year,” principal Angela Strickland said. “We do that by involving the parents in parent involvement night and we thought for literacy that we would make it fun for the kids and for the families by making it a spooky night and surrounding literacy.”

Students were encouraged to attend the event in Halloween costumes. First-grader Cheyenne Hawkins dressed up as a unicorn.

“(‘The Spooky Express Alabama’) — that’s one of my favorite (stories),” Hawkins said.

Her mother Dana Hawkins added, “We’re really excited about this.”

Strickland attended the event as a squirrel and the schools’ counselors and instructional leaders were acorns. 

“A teacher shared with me that there was a squirrel costume and sometimes at Jim Pearson we chase things around all day,” Strickland said. “It’s so busy with kids and learning and going here and there we sometimes feel like squirrels.”

Stories featured included “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” and “Room on The Broom.”

“We try not to focus on the scary part of (Halloween),” Strickland said. “I’m excited to see everybody coming out. I really appreciate the support from the parents and I hope we all have a great night of learning and fun with our families.”

Second-grader Dixie Carter dressed as Anna from “Frozen” and was excited to share her own story.

“It’s about a vampire,” Carter said. “She likes to scare people but no one thinks she’s scary.”