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Cliff Williams / The Outlook Siri Hedreen

The Outlook newsroom staff recently welcomed a new face as multimedia reporter Siri Hedreen joined the team on Thursday.

Hedreen grew up outside Seattle, Washington, where she got her start in journalism editing her high school newspaper. Since then, she’s reported for King’s College London’s student tabloid Roar News, London Student and Business News Daily. Hedreen completed her master’s in financial journalism at City, University of London this year.

“We are so excited to have Siri joining our newsroom,” managing editor Santana Wood said. “Her talents are only going to help our newspaper get even better and continue to serve our readers. I can’t wait to see what she’s able to accomplish and I know this position will be a great step in her career.” 

Hedreen is excited to support local journalism, whether online or in print. 

“Community journalism is important and can make such a huge impact, and I know Siri is honored to be part of it,” Wood said. “With the way media is changing and people getting their news in all sorts of different ways, Siri is going to help us continue to move forward with our digital news products. Along with writing stories, she’ll be doing other projects as well including videos and more so we can continue telling those special stories of our community and the unique people who live here.”

Hedreen is also eager to become acquainted with her new home through her reporting.

“I look forward to learning by jumping in the deep end,” Hedreen said. “Whether you’ve got a story to share or simply feel the need to set me straight on the South, I await your call!”

Particular story interests include the local economy, human interest, education and anything that would make a great video.

In her free time, Hedreen enjoys running, trivia and karaoke. 

“If you get a phone call from Siri for a story or see her around town or covering an event, please help us give her a warm welcome,” Wood said. “I admire her for moving across the country to start something new and be part of our team. I know this amazing community we are so lucky to call home will accept her with open arms and feel like home in no time.” 

Hedreen can be reached at siri.hedreen@alexcityoutlook.com or 206-226-0402 or 256-414-3031.