Keebler Park’s annual scarecrow display will come down before Thanksgiving, so those who haven’t been by to see this year’s exhibit should do so soon, according to Dianna Porter, a volunteer advocate for planned use of Dadeville’s Keebler Park.

“We have twice as many this year as we did last year, and the creativity is really wonderful,” Porter said. “The Master Gardeners have added to what they did last year, and Troop 264 did an elf troop theme that looks great.”

Porter started the scarecrow art show at Keebler Park to draw interest to the environmental education opportunities in the Dadeville arboretum. The park features this temporary art from early October to mid-November along with a year-round rain garden, outdoor classroom area and paved walking trail. Markers are being installed to identify some 30 species of trees along the path as well.

Elf Troop 264 features elf Scouts that represent members of the human troop. The presentation is built on a base of PVC pipe frames on rebar sections that hold them in place on the ground. Butterfly decorations and mushrooms made from upside down plastic bowls attached to firewood logs accent the display, which was erected around a campfire made with inverted bamboo lawn lanterns.

The Master Gardeners’ display depicts tenders of the garden cultivating fairy flowers, and Raining Dogs Art Gallery created a wispy marionette that is suspended from an overhanging branch.

“He is doing a marionette for the Christmas parade, so this was kind of a pre-cursor to that,” Porter said.

Porter conducted workshops with groups of students in local schools to foster development of children’s creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The workshop project was to work as a group to create a scarecrow exhibit. Not intended as a Halloween feature, the scarecrows are part of a celebration of the fall season at Keebler Park.

For exhibit rules and more information, contact Porter at 256-750-0075.