Greg Worthy is now home and will be able to watch his favorite team on Monday.

“Roll Tide,” Worthy said as he was being discharged from his second floor room at Russell Medical Thursday.

“He was worried he wasn’t going to get home before Monday,” Greg’s wife Portia said.

Greg Worty is now home and will be able to watch his favorite team on Monday.


Cliff Williams


Jake Arthur

Greg’s journey started before Christmas when tested positive for COVID-19. The City of Alexander City Adams Water Treatment employee was admitted to the intensive care unit at Russell Medical on a ventilator.

Greg was greeted by the staff at Russell Medical for his discharge. Russell Medical chief medical officer Dr. Michele Goldhagen was one of the first to greet him in the hallway.

“This is your walk of fame,” Goldhagen told Greg.

Greg’s daughter Allie said her father surprised them all when he left ICU over the weekend. “He called at 6 a.m. cracking jokes and wondering how Clemson lost,” Allie said.

Russell Medical staff joked with Greg and gave him hugs as he left.

“Praise the lord,” one nurse said.

Another nurse said, “Give your wife a day of rest.”

Greg is thankful for the staff and care he received at Russell Medical.

“This place has been good to me, very good,” Greg said. “I’m happy to be going back home. (Tammy Coker), Jackie Mobley and Dr. Michel Goldhagen are the real deal.”

One nurse encouraged him to watch his favorite team Monday.

“Alright go have fun watching the game.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.

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