An Alexander City man was arrested following a bizarre tale of a stolen bicycle, stolen beer, a foot pursuit by law enforcement and TASER deployment.

“We received a call about a missing bicycle Tuesday evening,” Alexander City police chief Jay Turner said. “The officer made contact with a Joseph Grigsby who said his bicycle was parked at Stephens (Elementary) School while visiting a friend. Grigsby said he came back to get his bike but saw someone on it headed to a store in the vicinity of K and Jefferson streets.”

Grigsby told police he followed the person on his bicycle and Grigsby told the responding officer it was in the store. Grigsby pulled out his phone showing the officer pictures of his bicycle. Turner said the officer spoke to employees in the store who said they had the bicycle but needed to explain something.

“The employees and bystanders said (Grigsby) came into the store for a job application,” Turner said. “Once the employee went to the back of the store, (Grigsby) grabbed a case of beer and ran from the store. The employees gave chase and confronted Grigsby who dropped the beer and ran off. The employees told the officer they knew the shoplifter came on the bike and took it inside the store.”

Turner said the responding officer confirmed the story by viewing video of the incident in the store and returned to Grigsby to ask about the bicycle and story again.

“The officer told Grigsby he saw the video of him in the store and the officer said he became defensive,” Turner said. “The officer said he was placing Grigsby under arrest for stealing beer.”

Turner said Grigsby then snatched his arms from the officer who then pursued Grigsby on foot calling for backup and he was in a foot pursuit.

“He chased Grigsby and fired his TASER at his back,” Turner said. “The officer chased Grigsby through a parking lot giving him commands to stop and get on the ground before tackling him. Grigsby still didn’t comply as officers struggled to pull his arms behind his back to place him in handcuffs.”

Turner said the probes of the TASER did not strike Grigsby, 33, of Alexander City who was arrested for theft, resisting arrest and fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement. 

The bicycle was taken to the Alexander City Police Department for safe keeping.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.