The loss of a loved one hurts.

Many search for ways to grieve and cope in life going forward. Patsy Coe Densmore wants to help through a free program called Grief Share.

Densmore has experienced loss and has helped others through grief.

“I’m a trained counselor,” Densmore said. “I have experience with helping others with grief and bereavement.”

Densmore said Grief Share is a 13-week seminar but, attendees don’t have to be present every week.

“Each class is designed to stand on its own; they are independent of each other,” Densmore said. “Those who want to come to Grief Share can come to one, some or all of the classes.”

Grief Share sessions are held at the Trinity Campus of First United Methodist Church starting Feb. 5 and will be held 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. The only time the classes are canceled is for threatening weather. Densmore said she is assisted by Mary Lee Radney and Martha Radney. The program is sponsored by Radney Funeral Home and First United Methodist Church.

Densmore said it is not uncommon for people to attend Grief Share more than once.

“The first time through people can still be in shock,” Densmore said. “People come two and three times to get what they need.”

Those coming a second and third time end up helping others.

“Those repeaters help people along,” Densmore said. “They start to realize the process from the first time and are able to add to the support system.”

Densmore said many who participate in the class turn around and start helping others with the initial process of grieving by being a support system and pointing informing about available resources.

Densmore hopes Grief Share can grow beyond the normal middle age and elderly men and women who are the main students.

“Young adults don’t want to come to a class with a bunch of old people,” Densmore said. “We are trying to figure out how to reach them. There are also teenagers who are middle and high schoolers that could benefit.

“It takes a special person to relate to them. I was a high school counselor. I hope to start a class to reach them.”

For more information about Grief Share Densmore can be contacted at 256-749-9354.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.