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As life during the coronavirus pandemic brings about negativity and suffering in the world, PUSH Gospel quartet wants to bring a little joy and faith to the community. The all-female group will host Praise in the Park at 5 p.m. Saturday at the softball field behind Cooper Recreation Center.

“Praise in the Park came about with the pandemic going on and people not being able to get together as far as church goes,” group member Stephanie Kendricks said. “We figured this was a way to present an outlet for people and for us to give back to the community with this event.”

The musicians will present an all-around entertainment experience with original gospel music along with some comedy.

PUSH — representing Praise Until Something Happens — consists of five female singers, one additional group member and a band.

The group has been together for more than 10 years and joined together as Alexander City residents representative of various churches.

“We’re all from different church ministries in Alexander City and we came together from singing together all our lives with different church events,” Kendricks said. “So we decided to form a group.”

PUSH’s single, “Trouble Don’t Last Always” has gained popularity around the states and even worldwide and was recently nominated for the 25th Newsome Awards, a music association based out of Baltimore, Maryland.

“We have a promoter and he promotes our music, so different organizations — as far as music in their areas — do awards for this genre,” Kendricks said. “With us putting our music out, we were nominated as a group of female artists of the year based off our CD.”

That CD carries the artist’s single and won them the female artist of the year award and has garnered them added exposure.

“Everyone has been so excited about it,” Kendricks said. “We’ve been nominated for things before but this is the first award like this we’ve won. Of course, it’s something we have been wanting to achieve.”

Kendricks was the creative mind behind the song and said its meaning can be applied to difficult times in life.

“When you look at trials and tribulations you go through in life, knowing if you turn it over to God, it’s not going to last always,” she said. “Give it to Him, put it in His hands and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.