A run on gasoline has drained the gas stations along the U.S. Highway 280 corridor Tuesday morning, while prices continue to rise at the stations still with supply.

As of 9:45 a.m., day four of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, the Marathon station on 280 and Elkahatchee Road and the Exxon station on 280 and Cherokee Road were both down to premium only. On the other side of the 280-Cherokee intersection, Mapco was having the opposite problem and was down to regular only at $2.699 a gallon.

At the time Marathon ran out of gas at 7 a.m., the price of regular was up to $2.799 a gallon.   

"All we have right now is premium, and that makes us practically out of business because nobody really wants to pay that extra dollar for premium," Marathon employee Noel Hall said as she put signs up at each deserted gas pump reading "premium only."

Hall said the gas station is expecting another shipment sometime Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the pumps were busy at the Cherokee Quick Stop on Cherokee Road and Mason Street. The Pure gas station had just replenished its supply after about 18 hours.

"It was crazy," employee Kevin Adair said Tuesday morning. "We were real, real low when I left at 3 o'clock (Monday) so it was probably within the next hour that we ran out. And we just got it, like, 30 minutes ago."

The Colonial Pipeline, which carries more than 2.5 million barrels of gas, diesel and jet fuel a day from the Gulf Coast to the northeast, shut down its entire system Friday due to a cyber attack. On Monday, Reuters reported the southeast would be the first to see gas prices rise due to the shutdown.

Colonial Pipeline tweeted its website was down Tuesday morning due to a service disruption "unrelated to the ransomware," and that the company will provide an update once service is restored.  

As of Tuesday, Birmingham and Montgomery gas prices are up 2-3% since the shutdown Friday, according to price tracker GasBuddy.com.

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