Musicians in Dadeville have a new home today.

The Dadeville Performing Arts Center had its grand opening, Thursday, to the sound of Appilacian dulcimers and washtub bass.

“Our slogan is ‘create music with friends,'” said board president Kim Walls, a former music education professor at Auburn University. “I think it's a wonderful way for the community to come together.”

The Performing Arts Center is just one in a number of businesses and non-profits which have opened in Dadeville in recent months.

“Anytime a town starts to boom like Dadeville obviously has nowadays. One of the first things they need is a venue for music and the performing arts,” said Jim Cahoon.

The Dadeville Dulcimer Club performed at the opening, Walls joined in with the ensemble.

“They are going to be one of our anchor groups which rehearses here weekly,” said Walls. “This is a group of retirees, took up a new instrument, some had never played an instrument before. We just enjoyed it and wanted to keep making music together.”

Musician and Patron Memberships are $120 and offer invitations to jam sessions, rehearsals, lectures and concerts. Student Memberships are $10.

“We are going to have classes, presentations and concerts,” said Walls. “Our idea is to keep it low cost and affordable for everybody.”

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