A Tallapoosa County jury will hear closing arguments today before deciding if Daquon Sheeley is guilty of killing John Ferrel Adamson and shooting Gerald Haggerty in 2017.

A group of friends were enjoying a normal afternoon when 18-year-old Quentavious Arrion Reese was shot in the back passenger seat of a car traveling on Robinson Road in Alexander City in March 2017.

Authorities said Anthony Davon Parker fired the shot that entered the vehicle Reese and three others were traveling in.

“We had gone to Auburn,” witness Kobe Graham said. “We were tuxedo shopping because prom was coming up.”

Graham, Reese, Quinn Jones and Quez Thomas had spent most of the day together playing basketball at Graham’s home when Graham’s father arrived with his car. One of their cell phones was dying and they were going to Jones’ father’s house to get a charger.

The boys left Graham’s home, went to Robinson Road and pulled into a driveway.

“I received a call to stop by,” Thomas said. “I got out of the car. They were shooting guns behind the house.”

Graham said there were several people at the home including Parker shooting guns into the woods behind the house. They stayed a couple minutes before leaving to go just down the street stopping long enough for Jones to run into the home to retrieve the charger. The foursome then returned to Robinson Road to leave the area. Jones was riding in the backseat of the car with Reese. They said they could see people in the front yard as they passed.

“We rode straight past the house,” Jones said. “We heard something hit the window, the back window.”

Graham said, “As we passed the house, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a window shot out. Jaquez starts screaming.”

Thomas said, “A bullet comes through the window. I see Quentavious slump over the window – breathing heavy.”

Thomas, Graham and Jones all said Thomas stopped the car in the middle of the street after Reese was struck.

“We got out of the car,” Jones said. “We were so shocked. When we realized what happened we hopped back in the car. Quinn was over there just bleeding to death. He wasn’t dead. He wasn’t saying anything.”

Graham said, “I stopped the car. I panicked. We got back in the car and drove to the hospital. Quinn was holding him up. I remember seeing a bullet (hole) in his forehead.”

The three did not recall seeing anyone in the front yard with a weapon or who fired the round that killed Reese.

“I don’t know who fired the gun,” Jones said.

No one could recall a reason or argument causing Reese or one of the others to be the target of a shooting.

“There was no argument, no beef,” Jones said.

Graham said, “We were teammates, played sports together.”

Fifth Judicial Circuit assistant district attorney Kevin Hall said Monday in his opening statement to the jury the state was not trying to prove the intent of the shooting but the shooting was reckless with a shot being fired down or across a road at a vehicle.

“The state does not assert it was intentional,” Hall said. “We assert the wanton reckless act caused Mr. Reese’s death.”

Parker is represented by defense attorney Emory Anthony of Birmingham. Parker told the jury the incident was an accident and more than one person was firing guns.

“(Parker) was not the only one shooting,” Anthony said. “(Parker) didn’t see the car come back by. You will see it was an accident. A young man was accidently killed. It’s sad.”

The trial will reconvene at 9 a.m. today in the Courthouse Annex in Alexander City in front of Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Steve Perryman.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.