Par for the course? Not so much.

It’s better than that.

Golf courses are seeing an uptick in golfers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More and more people are golfing as golf is a sport that can be enjoyed while socially distancing. A small group can stroll out on a golf course and enjoy a few hours of fun and camaraderie — always several feet apart.

As the pandemic continues and golfers continue to show up to local courses, it’s a pleasant surprise for officials.

“We have been rolling pretty well,” Lakewinds golf course superintendent Matthew Keel said. “It is better than what I expected a few months ago. We are packed on the weekends and pretty full during the week but almost always still have a few slots open.”

Keel said he has seen more golfers at Lakewinds during the five months of the pandemic.

“We are doing better this year than last,” Keel said. “We still have our regulars but there are a lot of new golfers coming to the course. I think with the pandemic a lot of people have been coming to the lake and looking for a place to play.”

In the last year, the Alexander City City Council approved using GolfNow to help advertise the course online and maybe help a few new golfers to find the course.

“GolfNow allows online booking,” Keel said. “It also allows golfers to find courses near them when they are in an unknown area.”

The timing for GolfNow was excellent.

“We have booked more than 500 rounds through GolfNow,” Keel said. “We got it for a tool to help with advertising and thought we would be able to book a few rounds, but this is amazing.”

Keel said he has seen another type of golfer increase during the pandemic.

“We are seeing more first-time golfers as well,” Keel said.

Even though the course has its regulars, Keel said everyone welcomes the new golfers — even the course.

“The course is challenging but rewarding,” Keel said. “It is good for a relaxing round for the experienced golfer and not too difficult for the new golfer.”

Lakewinds is open seven days a week except for Christmas Eve and for the occasional maintenance, which Keel said the course announces ahead of time.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.