Out-of-district placement in the Tallapoosa County School System is not as common as it seems. Currently one family living in the Dadeville area zone has its two children commuting to Horseshoe Bend School for the 2019-20 year.

At Monday’s school board meeting three families requested out-of-district placements and were denied. Superintendent Joe Windle said none of the requests fit the criteria for redistricting.

The attendance zone policy states students have to attend the school where his or her parents or guardians live “except when school assignment has been approved as a part of the system-wide instructional program, under the employee transfer provision, or when a senior whose parent(s) or guardian(s) establishes residence outside the area served by the school system or outside the school zone.” 

Students can complete their senior year at the school they were previously at, according to the policy.

The policy states the school system is not responsible for the student’s transportation.

Casey Davis, Tallapoosa County director of student services and community and pubic relations, said he doesn’t have a record of out-of-district placements since 2015. The only exception is the one family in the Dadeville area that requested the placement in the 2018-19 school year.

The Alexander City School System accepts out-of-district students. Tuition for out-of-district students is $500 for the first child in the family and $300 for each additional student per year, according to public relations specialist Jessica Sanford.

As of Aug. 15, the Alexander City Schools has 101 out-of-district students.