20210227 Municipal Court Pay online

Those issued traffic citations can now pay fines online.

Almost everyone is now experienced in paying bills online. Now traffic citations issued by the Alexander City Police Department can be paid online.

“We are moving forward into the 21st century,” Alexander City municipal court clerk Tiffany Patterson said. “Those who have been issued a ticket can pay online for things such as speeding, improper lights, running a redlight or invalid insurance can pay online without having to call municipal court or coming to court.”

But not every citation or arrest can be taken care of online.

“Those arrested for driving under the influence or domestic violence will still have to go before the judge,” Patterson said.

Patterson said the online payments will make it easier for court staff and offenders.

“We are taking between 100 and 200 payments over the phone per week,” Patterson said. “We have parents of students at Auburn and Alabama calling and paying for their child’s traffic citation. This offers a way for it to be handled conveniently for all.”

The citations can be paid online at alexandercity.govtportal.com. Those wishing to pay online will look up the citation via a last name and ticket number or last name and date of birth. A 3.5% convenience fee will be applied but the process avoids the unnecessary waits if municipal court staff is busy.

The online payment is not taking away a defendant’s right to fight a ticket.

“They can still come before the judge,” Patterson said. “We are offering this as a convenience to those who want to handle it before the court date.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.