Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Steve Perryman will go it again Thursday for a second first day of the trial term.

More than 40 willing prospective jurors were in Perryman’s courtroom Tuesday ready for public service. Two defendants took deals to resolve their cases, two others were continued but five summoned defendants just didn’t show up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have out punted our coverage,” Perryman said. “We had no defendants show up for trial.”

Perryman first tried to call Gary Bodrick, 39, of Tuscaloosa for a trial. Bodrick is facing trial after being arrested for sodomy in May 2016. The Alexander City Police Department asked for warrants for Bodrick’s arrest in February 2016.

“He has been on the run,” Alexander City Police Department deputy chief James Easterwood said in 2016.

Ultimately Bodrick was picked up in Prattville by the U.S. Marshall’s Service.

Perryman also tried to call Sharonda Denis Stowes, 40, of Alexander City. Stowes is facing the charge of obstructing justice. It is alleged Stowes used a false identity to avoid an arrest for possession of marijuana in 2017.

Perryman struck out again when he called Christopher Zachary Kidd, 28, of Alexander City to have his day in court on a possession of a controlled substance arrest.

The defendants though are not getting away. They all will still have to either plead guilty to the charges or allow a juror to decide their innocence or guilt.

In the meantime, law enforcement will be looking for them as Perryman issued bench warrants for all for failure to appear.

“Ordered to be held in jail without bond pending trial,” Perryman said.

But all is not lost for the two-week trial term. Perryman instructed the jury pool to return 9 a.m. Thursday.

“We will regroup and get other cases set up for trial this week,” Perryman said. “We will call more for trial — if we can find defendants.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.