Germany Ferry (copy)

The Germany Ferry Road bridge across the Tallapoosa River is about 8 miles from the site of recent drilling in Chambers County

Will Hadaway and a dozen other residents of the Ripville community of Chambers County were on hand at the Chambers County Commission meeting Monday evening to express concerns with some drilling activity witnessed on a parcel of land located along Chambers County Road 116 and Chambers County Road 62.

“We’re up here because of what we believe to be a quarry, or a potential quarry being installed in the Ripville community,” Hadaway said.

Hadasway told the commission that he and members of the community were told that the property was placed into a conservation easement. The area is about four miles east of the Tallapoosa River near Daviston.

According to the Alabama Forest Resource Center, easements in Alabama are typically donated to a land trust by the owner. If the donation benefits the public by permanently protecting important conservation resources and meets other federal tax code requirements, it can qualify as a tax-deductible charitable donation.

“We’ve heard this land has been placed into a conservation easement,” Hadaway said. “We’re curious if this could ever be revoked — that would be a big deal.”

Hadaway said he witnessed a drilling rig on the property May 9. Hadaway said the company was named 3D Dycus Diamond Drilling out of Wytheville, Virginia.

“We spoke to two of the people and of course they didn’t give us any information,” Hadaway said.

The Chambers County Commission did not make a comment following Hadaway’s comments.

Jim Grassiano, chief compliance officer and operator of certification programs with Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) said based on reaching out to a lot of people they do not have a licensed Alabama well driller working anywhere near Chambers County Road 116.

A search of the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office shows a newly formed LLC named Ripville Rock Company created on May 5. The company is registered to Joseph M. Tucker of Lafayette. When reached by email Tucker declined comment. It is not clear if the two are related to one another.

Attempts to reach 3d Dycus Diamond Drilling by The Valley Times-News for comment were unsuccessful.