Monday Medallion

Cliff Williams / The Outlook Tina Britton, left, and Katie Norris found the Monday Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Medallion at Bibb Street Cleaners.

Tina Britton has been searching for the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Medallion for years and Monday was her day.

“I have been working when the hunt goes on in the past and wasn’t able to put much time into it,” Britton said. “I just did some Googling and then went out searching.”

Britton, along with friend Katie Norris, found the medallion at Bibb Street Cleaners.

“Jolly in France led me to dry cleaners,” Britton said. “We just started going out to dry cleaners and looking. We didn’t look anywhere else.”

Britton has a special thing for the clues given out by the staff at the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce.

“Ed Collari and his clues, they are something else,” Britton said. “I can’t believe I finally found it.”

Clues for the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Medallion are published at 6 a.m. on The Outlook, Sun Festival Alexander City, Alexander City Chamber of Commerce Facebook pages and read aloud on The Front Porch.

When the medallions are found, they need to be brought to The Outlook to claim the cash prize and have a photograph taken.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.