MainStreet Family Care and KidsStreet Urgent Care are now participating in the Department of Human Health Services Uninsured Patient Program across all its locations, including the one in Alexander City.

This program will provide reimbursement to MainStreet as a healthcare provider when COVID-19 testing is given to uninsured patients. This means even those without insurance can come to the MainStreet locations at any time and receive a COVID-19 viral swab without any cost.

The program began Friday and will be available as long as funding continues to be available.

When arriving for an appointment, a patient must let the front desk know he or she does not have insurance and provide identification so the staff can check eligibility in a new government online verification system.

This includes only the viral swab at this time. Uninsured patients interested in received the COVID-19 antibody test will be covered for the visit to MainStreet and the blood draw but LabCorp will still bill $100 for the test itself.

“We want to share this information with as many people as possible as the state and country continue to reopen,” MainStreet Family Care chief sales and marketing officer Betsy Stewart said in an email.