ALEXANDER CITY - The court at Cooper Rec Center came alive with the sound of intergalactic basketball. The students of Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio, which opened its doors in Dadeville last April, had their first recital on Saturday. The theme was a high-stakes basketball game between the Looney Tunes and Goon Squad known as Space Jam.

“It’s a great experience for my daughter,” said Shatequa Cauldwell, mother of Madison, a student performing in the show. “It’s our first year in dance so she is quite nervous and excited.”

The showcase featured a wide range of hip-hop, jazz and majorette dances to music from “ “Space Jam” the 1996 live-action animated film starring Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan and the standalone sequel “Space Jam - A New Legacy,” which released in July.

“When I saw those uniforms they really gave me a basketball feel,” said dance director Raven Tolbert. “The new legacy is popular now. So the show will start with songs from the original ‘Space Jam’ and transition to songs from ‘A New Legacy.’”

Around two-dozen girls between the ages of 5 and 16 danced for family and friends wearing red, blue and green outfits. Gloria Boleware served as host and referee.

“It’s the same for the girls as it is for me,” said Tolbert. “It’s a fresh start. This is the very beginning. It's our debut. Finally, everyone will be able to see what we have been working on. This is only the beginning, but it means a lot to me.”

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