Magician Gary Ledbetter had some tricks up his sleeve Monday at KidsFest The Magic Show.

Ledbetter performed tricks for a crowded Mamie’s Place Children’s Library, which hosted the Sun Festival magic show. Some tricks included switching a painted rabbit’s color, changing a handkerchief’s color and smashing a brown bag that had items in it. 

“(Ledbetter has) been with us for the past few years and we are always excited to have him come to town and share his tricks with us,” Alexander City Chamber of Commerce director of marketing and special events Kim Dunn said.

Ledbetter finished his performance by pulling his rabbit, Harry, out of a hat.

“(The rabbit’s name) was once Fred but I found out it was a girl,” Ledbetter said. “That’s what I tell the kids and then I tell them it’s not really a rabbit, it’s a bird that looks like a rabbit.”

Ledbetter invited multiple children to volunteer for his tricks. Volunteer Lydia Grace, 5, said she had fun assisting him.

“He told me to put my hand in a bag and there was candy in there,” Grace said. “I think (the rabbit) was super cute and fluffy. I think it’s a wild bunny.”

Ledbetter continues to perform as he always likes seeing children’s engaging faces, he said.

Dunn said most of the children who participate in KidsFest are from local daycares.

“This is a good week for grandparents to keep the kids and keep them entertained throughout the day,” Dunn said. “It’s always a fun weekday activity.”