Poll workers  election

Poll workers bring ballot materials to the Tallapoosa County Courthouse as results are tabulated.

Willow Point property owners can create their own road maintenance district and Tallapoosa County is easily a Republican County.

Record voter turnout didn’t create any issues in Tallapoosa County as it registered voters easily approved the local constitutional amendment for Willow Point with 75.18% of the vote. In all, 13,084 voters voted ‘yes’ to the measure with 4,319 voting ‘no.’ Notably, more voters supported the amendment than there are Republican voters in Tallapoosa County. Not one of Tallapoosa County’s 27 voting precincts was against the measure.

Incumbent President Donald Trump easily carried Tallapoosa County with 71.36% of the vote. Trump garnered 14,905 votes to former vice president Joe Biden’s 5,815. The presidential race was too close to call as of press time, but follow www.alexcityoutlook.com for updates.

Tommy Tuberville will be the new U.S. Senator to replace Democrat incumbent Doug Jones. Longtime Third Congressional District Rep. Mike Rogers, who has served since 1994, got the nod with the majority of votes.

Tallapoosa County voters were also more apt to mark a ballot purely on party lines. Of the 20,964 ballots cast in Tuesday’s election, 10,267 cast a straight Republican ballot and 4,487 cast a straight Democrat ballot. Those percentages have changed in four years. When Trump faced Hillary Clinton in 2016, 69% of the straight tickets cast were cast for the Republican Party ballots to the Democrats’ 31%. Tuesday, 69.59% of the straight ticket voting went to the Republican Party and 30.41% to the Democrats.

At 11 p.m. Tuesday, the Alabama Secretary of State was reporting results for 63 of Alabama’s 67 counties and Trump was easily carrying Alabama with 64.96% of the vote to Biden’s 33.69%.

A few voters casting ballots for Trump crossed over in Tallapoosa County and voted for incumbent Jones. In Tallapoosa County, Tuberville easily defeated Jones but not by the same margin as the Trump victory. Tuberville garnered 70.1% of the vote in Tallapoosa County. Statewide at 11 p.m. Tuberville led Jones 1,195,292 to 697,286.

A few Democrats voted for incumbent Rogers. Rogers garnered 73.29% of the ballots, or 15,153 votes, to Democrat Adia Winfrey’s 5,511 votes, or 26.66%. The numbers mirrored those from across the Third Congressional District.

Tallapoosa County handed incumbent Public Service Commission president Twinkle Cavanaugh the vote along party lines. Cavanaugh received 70.85% of the vote to Democrat Laura Casey’s 29.09%. Statewide Casey did slightly better but was behind 64.78% to 35.10%.

All of the statewide constitutional amendments but No. 2 passed in Tallapoosa County.

A few voting precincts in Tallapoosa County are clearly Democrat. Voters casting ballots at the Alexander City Housing Authority cast 319 straight ticket ballots for Democrats to the Republicans’ 257. The precinct also favored Biden with 376 votes to Trump’s 350. Jones also received 381 votes to Tuberville’s 346. The district also easily passed the Willow Point amendment with 460 yes votes to 164 no votes, but only 50.14% of its 1,472 registered voters went to the polls in the General Election.

Cooper Recreation Center is another Democrat stronghold in Tallapoosa County but only 51.07% of its 2,532 registered voters went to the polls in the General Election. Tuesday Biden garnered 847 votes to Trump’s 432. Jones received 861 votes to Tuberville’s 422. Winfrey received 816 votes to Rogers’ 464. Again the Willow Point measure passed 858 to 282.

Ourtown Volunteer Fire Department is easily Republican. The district includes Willow Point. Voters here cast 651 votes for Trump and 89 for Biden. Jones got a little better reception with 100 votes to Tuberville’s 637. Voters also easily championed the Willow Point amendment 418 to 187 as 67.18% of registered voters cast a ballot Tuesday.

The largest precinct in Tallapoosa County casts ballots at The Mill Two Eighty on Tuesday. Of the 3,184 registered voters, 1,379 cast ballots for Trump and 440 for Biden. The Republican tendency also appeared in other races with Tuberville easily defeating Jones 1,348 to 481. Mill Two Eighty voters also easily supported the Willow Point amendment 1,308 to 370 where 57.60% of registered voters cast ballots.

The change in polling place in Hackneyville due to damage from Hurricane Zeta didn’t affect voter turnout. Of its 1,150 registered voters, 784 cast ballots, or 68.17%. The precinct is clearly Republican as 733 voters, or 93.73%, cast ballots for Trump to Biden’s 42 votes or 5.37%. But the Hackneyville area likes another Republican better. Rogers received 745 of the votes, or 95.64%, to Winfrey’s 34, or 4.36%.

Voters in Dadeville are the most divided. Of the 2,638 registered voters able to cast ballots at the Dadeville Recreation Center, 1,515, or 57.43%, turned out to the polls Tuesday. It is spilt along party lines with 509 casting straight Democrat tickets to the Republicans’ 502. Trump garnered 828 votes to Biden’s 665. Tuberville won over Jones in Dadeville 796 to 700. Dadeville voters also clearly favored the Willow Point amendment 836 to 359.

Voters casting ballots at the Wall Street Community Center in southern Tallapoosa County are more likely to be Democrat.

Of the 1,137 registered voters, 642, or 56.46%, cast ballots Tuesday. Biden received 321 votes to Trump’s 315. Jones received 335 votes to Tuberville’s 305. Both results are influenced by straight party voting with 55.10% or 281 ballots cast straight Democrat to the Republicans’ 229 ballots or 44.9%.

Those casting ballots Tuesday at the Edward Bell Career Tech Center are likely to be Democrat. Of the 1,285 registered voters, 718, or 55.88%, cast ballots. Biden received 639 votes to Trump’s 75. Jones received 644 votes to Tuberville’s 70. Voters in the Camp Hill area also favored the Willow Point amendment 274 to 196.

Absentee ballots were split along partisan lines. Trump received 1,006 votes, or 55.55%, to Biden’s 43.4%. Jones picked up 804 votes, or 44.52%, to Tuberville’s 999 or 55.32%. Absentee voters were also in support of the Willow Point amendment 994 to 356.

Tallapoosa County provisional ballots have not yet been counted. Provisional ballots will be approved or rejected by the Tallapoosa County Board of Registrars and counted Tuesday.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.