food drive

The library donates the foods to local food banks for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Fines can be easily forgiven in the form of food at Adelia M. Russell Library and Mamie’s Place Children’s Library. The libraries are hosting their annual Food for Fines drive where any donated food will remove patrons’ late fines through Dec. 14.

The food drive started Monday and one of three container’s bottoms is already full, according to library director Amy Huff.

“That’s what libraries are about is helping people,” Huff said. “(The drive) helps those who have a fine and it helps the community as well. And of course it’s the holiday season the spirit of giving.”

No matter the fines or amount of nonperishable foods, all patrons have to do is approach the front desk with their donations to have fines removed. Those without fines or library cards are still welcome to donate food, Huff said.

“We also have a lot of people because they’re in the area drop off food to donate anyway even if they don’t have fines,” Huff said.

The library donates the foods to local food banks for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Huff said she sees the food drive as a win-win.

We thought it would be a great way to help the community and the patron at the same time,” Huff said. “This is something we try to do every year for November and December.”

The libraries have drop-off points at the computer lab and main floor of Adelia M. Russell and one at Mamie’s Place. 

Donations do not cover the costs of lost or damaged materials or copy, scan or fax fees.