Wednesday medallion

Cliff Williams / The Outlook Leelee found the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Medallion at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex Wednesday morning. Leelee was aided by sisters Abbie and Amelia Waldrop, 4, Leelyn, 7, and their mother Leanne Waldrop.

Three sisters in pajamas, along with Stephens Elementary School service dog Leelee, found the Sun Festival Alexander City Wednesday Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Medallion at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex dog park.

Leanne Waldrop thought quickly and lined up the clue Wednesday morning.

“I saw the letter and number and the ‘leave no trace’ (in the clue) and thought, dog park,” Leanne said.

Leanne loaded up her daughters Leelyn, 7, Abbie, 4, and Amelia, 4, with Leelee and went for a ride.

“We got there and found people looking around the Campfire Girls hut,” Waldrop said. “We went on back.”

The girls said Leelee spotted the gold medallion first.

“She went to sniffing and spotted it first,” Leelyn said.

The girls put the medallion in a babydoll carrier.

“I didn’t want to drop it,” Leelyn said. “I wanted to keep it safe.”

The girls already have a plan for the prize money.

“Mommy and I are going to Hawaii,” Abbie said.

But Abbie has more reasonable plans to include everyone in the family.

“We’ll go to the Great Wolf Lodge,” Abbie said.

The Waldrops found the medallion about 6:20 a.m. and turned it in about 3 p.m. after Waldrop finished teaching STEM camp.

Clues for the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Medallion are published at 6 a.m. on The Outlook, Sun Festival Alexander City and Alexander City Chamber of Commerce Facebook pages and read aloud on The Front Porch.

When the medallions are found, they need to be brought to The Outlook to claim the cash prize and have a photograph taken.

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.