Lake Martin

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Alabama Power is encouraging Lake Martin residents to begin securing permits for work on shoreline structures ahead of an additional drawdown this winter.

The lake will begin lowering this fall and be down an extra three feet from Dec. 31 to Feb. 17 to provide residents and property owners more lakebed access for improvements and maintenance.

Beginning Sep. 2, the water level at Lake Martin is scheduled to gradually lower from its summer operating level near 491 feet to near 481 feet by New Year’s Eve. It will remain near 481 feet until Feb. 17. Lake levels will then slowly rise toward summer pool.

If operational conditions allow for the fall extension of Lake Martin water levels, the drawdown will begin Oct. 15.

The additional drawdown is performed every six years and is a requirement of Alabama Power’s license with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

“Drawdowns offer a great chance for lake property owners to work on repairs and improvements to docks, ramps and other permitted construction projects,” Alabama Power shoreline management team leader Rhett Hanks said. “We strongly encourage residents and property owners to contact our shoreline permitting offices early to allow sufficient time to secure their permits and line up any contractors they may need.”

Residents interested in performing shoreline maintenance during this drawdown can apply for the necessary lakeshore-use permits now by visiting or calling the shoreline management office at 256-825-0053 before beginning any construction.

As always, Alabama Power encourages people with boats and other water-related equipment and facilities to pay close attention to the changing conditions on the lake, remain mindful of personal safety and be prepared to take necessary steps to protect their property.

Weather conditions could impact this drawdown schedule. Lake elevations and projections are subject to change.