Laci and Selica Thompson

Siri Hedreen / The Outlook

Laci (left) and Selica Thompson were the victors of Thursday's medallion.

Selica and Laci Thompson found Thursday's Sun Festival Alexander City Wednesday Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Medallion, but it took more than one trip.

"We got up at seven this morning," Laci said.

Tipped off by the word "trust," "I knew it had to be a bank of some kind," Selica said. But after searching all the banks in town, she and Laci gave up.

The pair were not the only ones confounded — it took a second clue this afternoon to reveal the location of the medallion. This time it was the word "member" that confirmed to Selica her previous suspicions were correct.

"They have members at the Mutual Savings, they call them members," she said.

When she and Laci got to Mutual Savings Credit Union there were already six or seven people milling around. However, after a day of on-and-off searching, they were the first to find the medallion, winning them $200.

The two have no plans for the money in mind.

"I don't know, we'll just spend it on Laci," Selica said.