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Julie Harbin / For The Outlook Leigh, left, and Kurt, right, Pfitzner were recgonzied for their community efforts with a proclamation from Dadeville Mayor Wayne Smith, center.

Kurt and Leigh Pfitzner may have only been full-time residents of Dadeville for roughly six years but the couple has already made a lasting impact on the area. Dadeville Mayor Wayne Smith wanted to show his appreciation for all their hard work to benefit the community and presented the Pfiztners with a proclamation for Kurt and Leigh Pfitzner Day on Tuesday, July 14.

“It was an extraordinary honor to be recognized by the people of Dadeville and we’re not even from Dadeville,” Kurt Pfitzner said. “We are now even more committed to try and give back to Dadeville what we can to make it a better place.

The Pfitzners bought the grassy area across from the post office and beautified the park as a community gathering spot. Pennington Park is used for gatherings, concerts at the pavilion and most recently, a Sunday farmers market.

“The farmers market this Sunday is already booked up with 20 vendors,” Smith said. “It’s a beautiful thing to do on a Sunday afternoon; come down and eat with us and buy some beautiful fruits and vegetables. It gives the farmers a place to market their crops that is shady and comfortable and we also have music.”

The Pfitzners are committed to improving the city of Dadeville and have proven to the community they are incredible assets.

The proclamation was presented to Kurt at Tuesday’s city council meeting but was re-presented Thursday at Dadeville’s Music on the Square.

“There was an error on the certificate so the mayor went and fixed that because it only said Kurt,” Pfitzner said. “We had already passed the actual day so he made an executive decree for it to last through midnight Friday.”

Smith said anyone who proves to accomplish something great in Dadeville deserves to be appreciated for his or her efforts.

“We appreciate Kurt and Leigh for everything they have done for our town,” Smith said. “It’s not the first thing they’ve done and it certainly won’t be the last.”

The Pfitzners have owned a home on Lake Martin since 2009 and moved to town fulltime in 2014.

“We had no warning whatsoever (about the proclamation),” Pfitzner said. “When (Smith) called us up, we both thought it was simply going to be to say thank you for what we’ve done with the park. But the proclamation was a complete and utter surprise. We’ve never had anything like that bestowed upon us before.”

The Pfiztners are no stranger to awards and accolades as the Lake Martin Area Dadeville Chamber named Pfitzner citizen of the year in 2017.

“We’ve had awards and recognition through the years, even here in Dadeville, but I think this bestowed on us by the city certainly is right up there with past recognitions,” Pfitzner said. “Even more important, my wife, my partner is included as well.”

Pfitzner said with the growth and excitement surrounding Dadeville, he would expect to see more individuals benefiting from similar honors in the future.

“There are plenty of people out there doing useful things all the time now,” Pfitzner said. “Not just for their own edification but for the city of Dadeville, the citizens and the economy. It seems to be working.”

Amy Passaretti is a staff writer with the Alexander City Outlook.